Are you looking  for tips to improve your Instagram reach? In this post, we’ll provide 10 suggestions to boost the organic reach of your content on Instagram without spending a dime on advertisements. 

Additionally, these 10 suggestions are broken down into the kind of content to help you discover precisely what you require to implement your plan.

A Guide to Increasing Your Instagram Feed Exposure and Engagement:

The first thing you see when you log into Instagram is your feed. The same is the case for all Instagram users.

If you can stop someone from scrolling through the Instagram feed to view your post, you’ve already gained half the fight. The next question is how can you convince someone to move from looking at your post and engaging with the article, and how can you maximize this exposure? These suggestions can help.

1. Create shareable content:

Making shareable content is among the most secure ways to increase your Instagram reach. If you share content that others share with their friends, they are more likely to visit your page.

This is an excellent method to boost brand recognition without purchasing Instagram followers. The most popular kinds of content that can be shared include memes, infographics, quotes, or something that isn’t seen before.

2. Master your niche:

Choose one area of expertise and become an expert in it. Make the content around that specific area based on your interests/talents and the target audience. If you want people to be a part of your travel adventures, consider becoming an online travel writer.

You must create related content about beauty if you’d like to get your target audience to buy your cosmetics or curate your makeup. If you choose a specific niche, it is essential to master it by creating fresh and innovative content to grab people’s attention.

3. Utilize hashtags to your advantage:

It’s a fact that hashtags are an effective way to boost Instagram reach without having to purchase Instagram followers. However, just overcrowding your posts with hashtags isn’t enough.

The hashtags must be relevant to the industry you operate in  trending and subtle. You can begin typing hashtags to see the suggested results, then look at your competitors’ hashtags or use hashtag suggestions tools.

4. Tag Other Brands and People on Instagram:

Alongside your content, don’t forget to include other accounts that are directly relevant to it.

For this to happen, press Tag People when uploading a new post. If you’re uploading an image, you’ll click directly on it to ensure the tag is visible to the person or object it relates to. If you’re uploading a video, click the + button to tag it.

5. Post regularly and consistently:

If you don’t post consistently, your followers’ expectations will decline. If you regularly post for a few weeks and don’t make a post for months, your fans will either be confused or forget about your account, and they might not follow you when you finally decide to start posting again.

6. Run contests:

The idea of an Instagram contest is another method to increase the exposure to your account and grow your following. 

Why? First of all, people are amazed by free things! If you give something to people, they are more likely to participate. Giveaways and contests work when posted on Instagram, as there are many ways to encourage people to participate that will boost your followers and engagement numbers.

 For example, you could request those people:

  • Repost images
  • Comment and tag your friends
  • I like your posts.
  • Please send us your posts or stories.
  • Another benefit is that contests or giveaways are not required to be elaborately planned or challenging to manage.

 7. Becoming one of the Instagram Story teller:

  • You should make Instagram Stories your best friend just as you would Instagram live! Why? 500 million users use Instagram Stories daily, with about one-third of the most popular stories being from companies. 
  • Stories continue to grow in popularity, and displaying your company’s name in them provides your customers with a different opportunity to connect with your company. It is also possible to make Instagram Story advertisements to advertise your business to an even bigger crowd.
  • Another amazing aspect with stories is that they’re easy to make. Making an Instagram Story is as simple as putting together an image or video to share at a low risk since it is only available for a day.

8. Prioritize Instagram Carousel Post Images:

  • Carousels are single feed posts made up of 2-10 videos or images, which users can access by simply swiping across the contents.
  • Carousels can be identified through the dots below the image and the count of images displayed at the top-right corner of the screen to display the slide in view. Thanks to the multiple-image symbol in the upper right corner of every carousel, you can also find them on your profile.

9: Apply Instagram Stories Stickers:

  1. Story stickers are the most efficient method to transform the story you tell into an engaging experience.
  1. When you start your story, you’ll be able to see options at the top. The four options on the right — filters and stickers and the draw tool and text — are the ones you’ll use to personalize your video or image.
  1. When you click on the sticker tool, you can choose among the most popular trends in stickers or search for a specific kind of sticker that is more appropriate for your particular content.

10. Curate user-generated content:

Curating content from users could encourage users to interact with and share the content. Because the Instagram algorithm is based on users’ relationships when determining the content they post on their feeds, building relationships with followers on Instagram could aid in ensuring your content is ranked higher on their feeds.


The primary goal for Instagram is to allow users to take pleasure in the experience and have fun, so be sure to provide value with your posts. To make it a step further, explore the top sites to purchase Instagram followers to boost the reach of your posts. Stay tuned to our site to learn more about Instagram growth strategies and tips.


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