Avoiding these can make a huge difference.

If you’re decorating a small room, it can prove difficult to work out how exactly to plan the room decor to ensure both functionality and style.

At best, you may end up just leaving out a few things that you really wanted to keep in the room.

At worst, you could end up adding makeshift tables and chairs without considering whether they’re serving a purpose or not.

To help you avoid all that, we are telling you 5 mistakes to avoid when decorating a small space.

Not using natural light

Natural light can make any space really blossom, as Lavish interior in Dhaka explains on some of their blog posts.

Do not under-utilise natural light.

Put sheer curtains on windows to filter in sunlight rather than block it.

And place mirrors on walls facing each other to reflect and spread light.

Trying to overdo storage

It’s natural to think that you can keep on adding storage space (via on-wall shelves, boxes, and so on).

However, just adding these on and on will reduce overall efficacy, make movement difficult, and make your room feel smaller.

  • Rule 1: Try to adopt storage solutions that can be stashed away under other furniture (like drawers built into beds and sofas).
  • Rule 2: Don’t keep adding stuff to the room just because you can.

Reduce interruptions

This is more for home design rather than single rooms.

Say your home has several small spaces for individual rooms.

The trick is to adopt the same or similar colour scheme, layout, and/or overall style for the rooms.

This makes each single room appear part of a larger whole and makes small rooms seem less small.

Scaled furniture

When choosing furniture, make sure it fits into the scale of the room.

Here’s the deal: A huge centretable in a small study may seem a feature piece but actually it will make the room appear small in comparison.

On the other hand, several smaller pieces of furniture can also make the room feel cramped.

Make sure you scale furniture pieces according to what works for your specific room.

Not making use of vertical spaces

I have mentioned being creative with storage before.

One way to be creative is to make use of vertical space in the room. This is an often-overlooked small room design trick.

However it can be highly effective at making the best possible use of your limited space inside your small room.

How can you use vertical spaces?

  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves.
  • Built-in drawers.
  • Using the window seat.

And such other steps.

5 mistakes to avoid in small space design – conclusion

In a nutshell, whether you’re talking about living space interiors in Britain or home design in bangladesh, small space design is all about efficient use of space, and use of other design elements to amplify the space and make it look welcoming.

And mistakes in small room decor all revolve around sub-optimal use of available space and of other design elements to give the room a warm feel.


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