Bad breath is embarrassing that you will not want to talk in crowd. There are many people who suffer from halitosis (bad breath). Despite being common, it is relatively easy to prevent and treat. This condition refers to the foul smell emitting from your mouth. Bad breath is possible due to poor oral habits, food types you consume and unhealthy choices of lifestyle. 

Although the smell varies from a person to another, you should take necessary steps for treating bad breath from the comfort of your home. Read on this blog to know 7 hacks to deal with bad breath effectively.  

  1. Drink lots of water

Breaking down of food particles in the mouth promotes germs causing bad breath. But by drinking plenty of water will wash away these particles ensuring the moistness of your mouth. Moreover, dry mouth results in poor breath as saliva has an integral role to play to keep the mouth clean. 

Also by this way you stay hydrated promoting saliva secretion and finally preventing dry mouth. Just have water whenever you feel your mouth becomes dry. Have at least 8 glasses of water per day. Also you can have sugarless chewing gum for increasing the production of saliva.   

  1. Check your diet

Having foods which will sour the breath will definitely cause mouth odour. Hence, you must avoid them. Lessen the consumption of alcohol, coffee, garlic and onions. Instead, always have lots of veggies and fruits as they wash away the odour-inducing bacteria from the mouth freshening the breath. 

  1. Kick off your habit of tobacco 

Not only cancer but smoking also has other health consequences. It will stain the teeth, damage the gums and lead to bad breath. You can help in taming your urge with the help of OTC (over-the-counter) nicotine patches. Otherwise, opt for a doctor appointment and join quit-smoking programs. They will also prescribe prescription medications which will help you to kick off this bad habit easily.   

  1. Floss and brush daily twice

Poor oral hygiene is the prevalent reason of bad breath. However, you can avoid it by flossing and brushing the teeth. You must brush the teeth at least 2 times in a day mainly after having meals. It is better if you can use fluoride toothpaste. Also it is really helpful if you can floss once every day. 

These will lessen the accumulation of plaque and food particles in the mouth. Bacteria can deposit on the tongue emitting foul smell. So, scraping of tongue is must as it helps in removing the coating of bacterial film. Both tongue scraper and toothbrush are helpful to do that. 

  1. Scrape your tongue

Tongue forms a daily coating loaded with smelly bacteria. You need to brush the tongue using toothbrush to eliminate them from your mouth. If it has a big head to reach back of the tongue then you can use a scraper. It will remove bacteria, dead cells and food debris which brushing cannot do alone. 

  1. Rinse the mouth using mouthwash

Apart from freshening the mouth, mouthwash provides additional protection by eliminating the bacteria. You will obviously feel good with a fresh mint taste. However, make sure that the mouthwash you chosen is able to kill germs causing bad breath. 

There is no meaning to cover up the smell only. Even swishing the mouth using plain water is helpful for your breath. It pulls out the trapped food particles in between the teeth.   

  1. Never ignore dental checkups

It is completely a misconception to visit the dentist only when you face any oral issues. You must visit the dentist at a regular basis for examining and cleaning your dentures or teeth. Ensure that you go for a dental check up 2 times a year. 

In case bad breath is still there then you must visit the dental professional. If they suspect any serious underlying condition for the bad breath you will be referred to a doctor to look for the exact cause of the smell.  However, if you have any dental problems causing bad breath, then you can seek dental treatment in Turkey. This country is becoming popular for providing highest standard of dental treatments to the international patients mainly from the UK. There are many clinics where you can perform the same saving up to 80% of cost than the UK. Opt for free consultation today.


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