Are you a regular online buyer? Are you looking for reliable sources to confirm the authenticity of’s claims? We have provided the most important information about this site in this write-up.

Online shopping is becoming more popular in many countries, including the United States. Although this method has many benefits, some customers have reported being scammed. Let’s do a deep search on in this Aanshop Review post to inform you about its originality.

It was established in 2018 in order to sell high-quality shoes, clothing, and accessories. According to the portal, their staff have years of experience in footwear and other products. The staff is trained to ensure that every item they make meets the customer’s specifications. They also want to offer the best customer service and assistance, as every client is important to them.

If you want to find out more information about this portal, please read the following passage.

Indicating Specifications To Inquire Is Aanshop Legit?

  • Our survey detected as the portal’s URL.
  • There are no address details.
  • It has been determined that the number is not available.
  • Return the item in its original packaging.
  • PayPal and credit card payments are accepted on the portal.
  • They will issue a full refund for your original payment method.
  • You can find clothing, footwear, accessories and other items on the website.
  • The survey revealed that there were no exchange policy threads.
  • We found social icons.
  • The declared email address is
  • Shipping will take 7 to 9 business days.
  • We found the newsletter facility.
  • According to the Aanshop Review survey, product delivery can take 1 to 3 business days.
  • It was discovered by the threads that it was created 14-06-2022, and is just 14 days old.

Pros Discovered

  • The email address has been spotted.
  • The newsletter option was discovered by our investigation.
  • There are many social connections.

Flaws Reported

  • It is missing the office address and phone number.
  • Trustpilot comments are not available.
  • These icons will redirect you to the website of another social platform.
  • It was tagged as a scam by a YouTube comment.

Is Aanshop Doubtful?

To give you an estimate of the question Is Aanshop Legit, let us gather and identify additional information about this website. Please be more attentive when you observe the following parameters.

  • Site Age – was established on 14-06-2022.
  • Trust Score – We found that it only had a 1% value.
  • Discount Information – Our research shows that the portal offers unreliable concessions to attract customers.
  • Trust Ranking– 27.1/100 represents the value gathered by surveying this factor.
  • Buyers’ Opinions – There were no Trustpilot reviews. We did however collect a comment from YouTube that showed it was a fraud.
  • Website Expiry date – Our Aanshop Review survey revealed that the portal will become inactive on 14-06-2023.
  • Alexa Rank – The investigation revealed an 838245 Alexa Rank value.
  • Plagiarization Noticed – A source claims that this online store has a similar interface as another website. The portal could be a scam, as the result suggests.
  • Policies Several questions are raised about the exchange and refund policies.
  • Social Connects Presence – We found that most connections redirect us to YouTube and Facebook’s official websites.
  • Information for the Owner – The examination did not find any string.

In the following section, let us focus on the user reviews.

What Are Honest Shoppers? Aanshop Review ?

Trustpilot does not have authentic reviews from customers that we can trust. We also found no reviews on the site during our inspection. The YouTube comment also highlighted the fact that the portal is fraudulent, but the relative reasons for this remain ambiguous.

The Bottom Line

We have examined all points necessary to confirm the authenticity of We found to be a suspicious portal after looking at the Aanshop Review threads.


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