Did you hear about the terrible accident that occurred in Val-Alain? Are you familiar with the whole incident? This is the information you should know. This Monday saw a tragic accident in Val-Alain. This is the latest news from Canada.

Today’s article will focus on the Accident Val Alain, as well as details about the victims. You can read more about it in the blog.

Information on the Val-Alain Fatal Incident:

Everyone was shocked by the news about the tragic accident at Val-Alain. According to sources, both victims were riding in Suzuki Vitara. This accident occurred at 10:30 PM on Monday. It took place at the intersection Rue Principale Road and 3erang, near Du Chene River Bridge. The victim was riding his car at a high speed and crossed the river. It hit the stone on the opposite side of the river. Initial fire started. According to the Accidental Val Alain 20 Juin 202, the car was traveling at 50 km/hr. The victims were then struck by the accident.

Although the investigation continues to uncover the cause of the fatal accident, the victim’s mother knew that such an event was possible. Below are additional details about the mother of the victim.

Victims’ Identity on Val-Alain Accident:

Two husband-wife victims lost their lives in a tragic accident close to the Chene River. Their children were left orphaned by the incident. Reports state that the victims had two children. Although the identities of the victims were not disclosed properly, it is reported that one of the victims was Derek Marcoux, 32 years old, according to reports on Accidental Val Alain. His wife Lydia Dufour was also a victim. It happened on Monday. The car was believed to have passed the river before hitting the rocks next to the river. This is where it caught fire.

This case is currently being investigated to determine the true cause of such a fatal accident. The victim’s mother was also present at the accident site the next day. She revealed the likely cause of such an accident. Below is her statement.

Mother of the victim in accident Val Alain :

The tragic accident happened Monday near the intersection of Rue Principale street & 3e rang. Sandra Tardif was seen with Derek Marcoux on Tuesday afternoon. The victim’s mother revealed that her son did it on his own initiative. The mother of the victim said that her son was willing and able to die. She also stated that she wished to be with her daughter who died last October. All details mentioned are taken solely from the internet.


While the Accident Val Alain was quite fatal, the victim’s mother believes that it was a voluntary act. This article contains all of the details.


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