Are you a regular buyer of clothes online? Check out our reviews about Amyashop if you are interested in buying clothes online. This website only sells clothes. It is also very popular with the United States and Canada.

You will find all the details about this site in our Amyashop Review post. Remember to always verify reviews before you buy from unknown websites.

Briefing on Amyashop Website

Amyashop sells apparel online. They offer shorts, hoodies and t-shirts for men. This website was created in 2020. They claim to be Italian-born. They also offer discounts on all their products. They haven’t written any information about the owner and don’t have a social media account.

We’ll be able to determine Is Amyashop Legit. Keep your reviews coming. Next, we’ll check the specifications.

Specifications for Amyashop Website

  • Newsletter- The website does not offer a newsletter.
  • Products Available- Men’s t-shirts and hoodies, as well as shorts.
  • Shipping Policy –Shipping times range between 2-10 business day.
  • Domain Link-
  • Website Foundation Date – This website was established on 2020/08/28.
  • Payment Methods – Accepted forms of payment include Amex, Apple Pay Master Card, PayPal, Visa and PayPal.
  • Email Address –
  • Contact no. +62838623442954
  • Return Policy – Customers have 30 days to return products.
  • Refund Policy – Refund processing can take 5-10 business days.
  • Exchange Policy – Check via Amyashop Review that no exchange policy has been mentioned.
  • Company Address- Ireland, C15 DD72, Suite 10542, Abbeylands South, Navan Meath, Balmoral Industrial Estate.

Let’s look at the positive and negative aspects.

Positive Aspects Of Amyashop Website

  • The SSL integration and HTTPS protocol protect the website.
  • All products eligible for discount
  • The website has a similar Url name and Portal name.

Negative Aspects Of Amyashop Website

  • Customers will be disappointed to learn that the newsletter option is not available on their website.
  • Sites did not have customer reviews.
  • Site users will find it difficult to access social media accounts.
  • These contact details are not reliable.
  • It is a sign that the owner is not known, making it untrustworthy.

Is Amyashop Legit? Or Scam

With the help of its legitimacy indicators, we will verify the legitimacy of the Amyashop site. These are important points.

  • Trust Score – The website received a score of 27% which is a poor score.
  • Website Creation Date- The website was created on 2020/08/28. That’s almost 1.5 years ago.
  • Discounts – Discounts available. This is a great sign for customers.
  • Address authentication- A fake address was discovered on their website, which is a bad sign for this website.
  • Owner Information – Owner details not provided.
  • Policies – All policies available.
  • Content Quality- All about Us content is plagiarized.
  • Trust Ranking- The Trust Rating is just 50.4% which is very low.
  • Expiry date You can check Amyashop Review to see if the website is valid until 2022/08/28. There are only 2 months left.
  • Customer feedback- This website has not been commented on by any customer.
  • Social Media Links – This website does not have any social media accounts.

Customer Reviews

Websites can be judged by customer reviews. Despite the Amyashop website being up and running for 1.5 years, there has not been any customer feedback. TrustPilot and other sites do not have customer reviews. Only a few reviews are available. However, customers need to give feedback in order to verify the validity of the site. Otherwise, it looks suspicious.

Wrapping up

We found that the trust in the website is very low and that there are no reviews from customers. These two factors indicate that this website is suspicious. You can also wait for more updates.


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