This post about the Billings MT Strawberry Festival will walk you through the event, as well the live street entertainment.

Did you know that Billing has the largest street strawberry festival in America? This annual event, United States in Montana, has grown to be very popular. The strawberry festival marks the start of summer. This beautiful festival features great food and lots of activities.

This Billings Montana Strawberry Festival article provides details about the festival, including what activities are taken part in. Continue reading for more information about this fascinating event.

What’s the purpose of this event?

The main attraction for Montana, as well as the northeast region United States is the event. The original event was fun for children and has since expanded to offer special activities for all ages. The event attracts more than 90 food vendors, including stalls selling French crepes, noodle soups, and BBQs. It also features a rich array of arts and crafts.

The Strawberry Festival Billings, MT 2022 vendors say that it’s a loved festival, and people take part with equal joy. The festival’s success has made them worry about running out of supplies. This event also brings in many people from out of state to experience the various food and activities. The event, which is eagerly awaited, brings hope and happiness to Montana. The event usually takes place in June. But due to the unpredictable weather, it was moved to July. The event is full of exciting new additions this year.

What’s New About BillingsMT Strawberry Festival HTML3_?

The raffle fundraiser will raise money for the upcoming public arts projects. The event will include street entertainment in all of the city. COVID-19 protocols will ensure the event features multiple hand washing stations, more space for booths, and the latest CDC public health recommendations. There will be joy, excitement and plenty of opportunity at the Billings MT Strawberry Festival.


The event is the most talked-about in Billings, Montana. This is the time when people get excited to try new food and take part in exciting activities like wall climbing. They also enjoy street performances that add excitement. The festival was started to celebrate summer season and the harvesting of strawberries. However, the event has evolved over the years into something more grand, significant and important for the audience. It is one of Montana’s best festivals.

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