This blog post will give you a complete overview of the website in order to reveal its authenticity. The site also offers pergolas that can make your garden or open spaces look more attractive. We will also be reviewing the site and providing all details necessary. Because of its quality products and affordable prices, the store is often searched for. You can also get additional benefits if your order is placed from the United States.

These Breathebalm Review will provide more information about the website.

Get more information about Breathebalm

Breathebalm’s website introduction page stated that it was created to offer high-quality custom and general products. The brand also explored every platform possible to ensure that its products are durable and cost-effective. Customers will find a variety of swing sets, pergolas, and mattresses on the site. The site offers a special discount of up to 16% on select items.

The website has only 24 items, including a 12×12 Gazebo and a 14×10 Pergola with electricity. But Is Breathebalm Legal.

Features Of Breathebalm

  • Official website link-
  • Products-Pergolas
  • Contact Customer Care at +1 907-957-3333
  • For US customers, shipping charges are non-applicable
  • Payment method-Paypal
  • Newsletter-Specified
  • Domain launch date – 30/05/2022
  • Social media connections- Not mentioned
  • Material returns policy – Takes up to 30 days
  • Refund policy – Refunds accepted within 2-5 business day
  • Shipping period- 5-8 working days
  • Physical Address: It is located at Santa Monica, CA 90401 United States
  • Email address-

Many fraud organizations are available online, so it is highly advised to read the Breathebalm Review.

The positive aspects of Breathebalm

  • Website URL is protected by HTTPS, so online transactions are safe.
  • The site provides detailed information about each product.
  • For US customers, shipping costs are exempt.
  • Site has provided contact information.
  • Some of the products will be discounted.

Negative aspects of Breathebalm

  • Website does not have customer feedback.
  • This site is no longer active on social media platforms.
  • It appears that the exterior of the website is copied.
  • The website was launched recently.

Is the Breathebalm Legal ?

We have provided an in-depth analysis of the website’s legitimacy so that interested buyers can quickly identify its validity. There are many fake websites on the Internet that employ different tactics and tricks to achieve their fraudulent goals.

The experts also provided authenticity criteria to assist shoppers in their investigations. Let’s now look at the following points.

  • Domain launches: On 30/05/2022, the domain name for the website was launched.
  • Customer comments – In fact, there are no customer reviews published online. However, any positive Breathebalm Review is published online.
  • Domain expiration date – The domain name of the site will expire after 30/05/2023.
  • Trust index score – The trust index score of the site is unexpectedly low at 2%.
  • Social media connection – The website is not currently available on any social media platforms.
  • Originality of the address – The company address provided is somewhat invalid. Therefore, it is not recommended that shoppers trust the address.
  • Quality of content – Some information appears to have been plagiarized and we aren’t impressed.
  • Discounts – There are many deals on the website, including free shipping and flat rates for selected items.

Customer’s Breathebalm Review

Experts recommend reading the feedback of shoppers before you make any online purchase to reduce the chance of being scammed. Unfortunately, no shopper feedback is available. Similar to the previous example, online reviews pages and social networking sites were also found empty.

Wrapping up

The offering portal is a suspect store as there are no Breathebalm reviews that have been published online. This is why all potential buyers should avoid this website.


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