Did you hear about the NW Arterial car accident? Are you familiar with the details of the accident? This article will help you to understand the entire incident. It was quite a tragedy. This is the most viral news item in the United States at the moment.

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Information on Car accident at NW Arterial Highway.

The most recent news about the car accident was very disturbing. This incident has been the talk of town. According to reports, the accident happened Wednesday morning at 1:21 a.m. A person was riding a Chevy Camaro car down southbound in NW Arterial and traveling at a high speed.

The Chevy Camaro driver William Woodrich, a Chevy Camaro car, suddenly lost control and was involved in an accident on NW Arterial highway. In that accident, William Woodrich and his passengers Kennedy Elskamp Dubuque IA, as well as Chole Madison Lucas, all lost their lives. It was a terrible accident. Below are more details about the accident.

More information about the car accident:

Three teenage teens lost their lives in a car accident. It was a terrible accident that resulted in three teenagers from Dubuque, William Woodrich (18 years), Kennedy Elizabeth Elskamp (17 years) and Chole Madison Lucas (17 years) all losing their lives in a single car crash Friday morning.

According to the Car Accident Dubuque the accident took place at NW Arterial, W 32nd Street. The driver of the Chevy Camaro was traveling southbound on NW Arterial highway when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. The car crashed into the NW Arterial highway, went into the ditch and then climbed up. Young teens lost their lives in the terrible accident.

The state patrol is still investigating this horrific accident. However, the report states that Lucas did not wear her seatbelt. This news is being shared by millions of people worldwide via social media. They also share their grief and offer condolences through posts on social media.

Dubuque Car Accident:

People are sharing the news via social media. Three teenage boys from Dubuque were killed in a car accident early in the morning on NW Arterial Street and W 32nd Street.


Three teenage boys died in the car accident that claimed their lives. The entire story is available in this article.

This article contains complete information about the Car Accident dubuque and further details about the passengers.

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