Have you ever been scammed? There are many ways that a person could fall for the trap and lose their money. Customers of CommBank have recently experienced a similar situation.

Recent news about the frauds has highlighted Commonwealth Bank, Australia . Many people have fallen for the scam over the past months. Continue reading to learn Commbank scam text.

What’s the deal?

Commonwealth Bank notified their customers about the phishing emails in January 2022. They claimed that their accounts had been temporarily suspended by the bank. The bank alerted 15.9 million customers to the scammers’ emails.

A text message was sent to an elderly couple in Australia, and they lost $7000. Sarah Towers, a University student was also scammed. Her hacker gained access to her NetBank account and took approximately $3000. Her NetBank notifications were disabled and the hackers then made several suspicious transactions without her knowledge.

More Commbank Scam

Many people have fallen prey to this scam over the past months. Chantel, a Victorian woman, is one of the many victims of SMS scammers.

Chantel was sent a text stating that she had been in close contact to someone with Omnicron. Click below to order a free PCR testing kit. The link is attached at the bottom of this text.

The Medicare website was contacted and the recipient was forwarded. The woman was then called by a man and told that he was scamming her. She later realized, however, that he was a scammer.

Commbank Scamnews circulates for a while. Many people are at risk of being duped. These scammers, victims claim, are professionals.

An elderly couple received a text from their doctor stating that they had received a voicemail. It was thought that it could be something more serious as one of the couple had suffered a stroke earlier. They clicked and started to receive strange calls. Later, their bank account revealed two transactions totaling $7000.

Beware of SMS Phishing

Customers need to be aware of the warning signs issued by Commonwealth Bank. They should be vigilant and protect their bank details, as a result of the Commbank Scam.

It is important to remember that Commonwealth Bank will not request banking information via text or email. If you suspect a scam, call immediately at 13 22 21

Final Verdict

There are many scams out there, but you can still learn from the experiences of others. These phishing messages may claim that your account is under review or that it has been registered on a new device.

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