Evermerge is a very fun merge game, in this fairy tale world, you have to clear the fog and complete the task. There are various events in the game, and many players don’t know much about submarine events . The following editor will introduce the Evermerge submarine event drill, which contains all the information you need to know about the submarine challenge. I hope it can help everyone. For more details on evermerge please visit gametopn.com .

1. How does the submarine incident work ?

To complete the submarine event, you need to earn a certain amount of points, and like other major events in the game, the submarine event has multiple parts.

collect fuel

First Captain Nemo will lend you a fleet of three submarines, the submarines need fuel, you need to collect fuel by cutting down obstacles and opening castle chests.

submarine fuel is collected and used in 3 submarines , once the submarine is refueled, it will dive very deep, and when it resurfaces, it will bring back the treasure.

1. Tier 1 is unavailable unless merged.

2. Tier 2 can be incorporated or used for the smallest sub, which will require the sub to dive for 20 minutes and return to a small clam crate.

3. Tier 3 can be incorporated or used for medium subs and will require the sub to dive for 40 minutes and return to a medium clam box.

4 Tier 4 cannot be merged, you need to tap it to fill the largest sub, which will require the sub to dive for 90 minutes and return to a large clam crate.

Also note that once the submarine starts diving you cannot add more fuel, so you have to wait for the timer to finish, you can speed up the dive by using gems.

Merge or open clam bins

When you receive the clam crate from the submarine, you can choose to merge or open the clam crate at its current size. Merging Clam Crates increases the treasure they contain.

After opening the Clam Crate, you will get the shards used to build the Golden Ruins, and you will get event points for building the Golden Ruins. Event points can give you energy and prizes. The last piece will be a temporary decoration. The Golden Ruins will be at the end of the event. Then, seven rewards will be given out for one week, one per day.

2. Submarine fuel

Submarine fuel is obtained by cutting and mining fixed obstacles and castle chests. From obstacles, you can obtain :

1 bottle of submarine fuel from 5 and 10 energy slashes

Submarine Fuel from 15 Power Slashes

3 bottles of submarine fuel from 20 and 25 energy slashes

Golden Castle Chests can provide 1 to 3 Submarine Fuel Bottles.

3. Gains

5 small clams take 100 minutes to make 2 medium clams and 80 minutes with a medium submarine.

5 medium clams take 200 minutes to make 2 large clams and 180 minutes using a large submarine.

Medium clams are more productive than large clams, so to get the most out of this event it is recommended that you use all 3 subs.

4. What is the difference between submarines ?

submarines that Captain Nemo lent you are Snail, Fish, and Squid. Squid can be upgraded to Leviathan in exchange for coins.

Each submarine requires its own type of fuel, has specific dive times, and brings back different treasures. The Squid uses the lowest level of submarine fuel and has the slowest dive times. The Leviathan uses the highest grade fuel and has no dive time.

above is the Evermerge submarine event drill. When the submarine event is over, the treasures that have been stolen will be recovered, so everyone must grasp the time of the submarine event. If you want to know more about the Evermerge event, you can check Game TopN , which will bring you here. There is a more detailed Evermerge’s Guide


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