The word she has a great impact on everyone’s life and that she can be anything right from your mother to your wife. So it is a blessing to have these females in your life. Therefore somewhere it’s your utmost duty to keep them impressed, loved, and cared for. Hence you also need to celebrate their special days with pomp and make the day colorful for them. Keeping all these in mind you thought to create a list of some worthy online gifts for her. And here we will help you get the perfect present for your loved one. 

White stone ring and silver watch combo

Well, you have known your girlfriend since you were in college so you are aware of her liking list. Also, you know well that she is quite contented with whatever gift you give and she does not worry much about the price. Therefore you got this idea of presenting her with a white stone-studded ring and a silver band wristwatch. Quite surprisingly these two came in a combo pack and that made the gift more stunning. So When it comes to your girlfriend she will be impressed and will praise your effort. 

Photo cut out 

She is the princess of your life and since her birth, you have been a proud dad always. So you decided to get a beautiful yet unique gift for the little princess. Though she is in college now still she is the little one to you. Therefore after research, you decided to get this exclusively designed photo frame in the shape of a flower pot. The best part is that it has three sections designed in the form of small hearts where you can stick her picture. Overall the gift will give immense love and joy to her. 

Solitaire rose gold ring 

You have been in love with each other for years so this year you thought of proposing to her for marriage. And for that, you have decided to propose to her with a ring. Now as you already know that your girlfriend is not the type of girl who likes any random type of ring. So after searching a lot you came across this solitaire rose gold ring on one of the best online shopping portals. Talking about the ring it has a class touch of the rose gold and the embossing of the zircon stone in between makes it worthy of buying indeed. One more thing it comes with an adjustable ring size and also you will get an authenticity certificate along with that. 

Infinity bracelet 

Love for your mother is uncountable and infinite. This unending care and love have no words. No gift can justify this at all but still being an obedient and caring son you thought to surprise her with a bracelet. And this bracelet is designed in the shape of an infinity loop. No need to worry about the size as the shape comes in freestyle. And the base material is brass. So you can imagine that the item is no doubt quite sturdy. But the silver-plated work on top adds more glamour to the item. No doubt your mother will feel more than happy as she can pair this piece easily with any kind of outfit. 

Personalized necklace 

Personalized gifts always win the soul of the recipient and you know this well about your girlfriend as well. That is she is quite fond of personalized gifts so you got this lovely thought of gifting her a beautiful necklace. But the twist is this will be a customized one and you will have her name embossed on the necklace itself. Luckily you got the exact one from one of the online sites and you are blessed to have this outstanding brass chain of 18 cm. Now you can relax as your girlfriend will love it for sure. 


Perfume has been the best gift when it comes to gifting her. So this time for your beautiful wife you thought to select this outstanding perfume with a blending of caramel, vanilla, fruity and floral touch. This classic and playful combination will surely add a great smile to your wife’s face. So have a cheerful and refreshing birthday party with this smell of love. 

Final say 

Thus, these are some of the chosen gifts that you can choose for her, and even if she is a way you can send gifts to Bangalore


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