Designing a gym space in your home can provide the confidence of a real workout. You can also delete time while traveling through the gym area of ​​your own home, create jams of your choice and buy shoes for more exercises with all your gym membership savings!

In case saving money is the top reason for starting your own home gym, the up-front costs can be overwhelming. Costs for dumbbells, benches, and garage gym flooring will increase swiftly.

Proper gym flooring is essential for a standard exercise routine. Whether you’re starting a home gym or looking to add weight stations to your commercial or Cross Fit gym, it’s natural to look for the cheapest options. Regardless, if you or your members are on a bloating mission, you’ll want quality products that endure strenuous workouts.  

Over here in this article, you are going to find the comparison between the garage gym flooring mats & playground rubber flooring mats to find out the best one for you.

Try to locate a quality gym floor mat.

If you want to cover a small weightlifting area – allocate a solid floor under a treadmill or assign hard-core plyometric moves for a space – you may prefer to use durable rubber mats that will not slip during your exercise. Although rubber is not the only gym floor option, it is the most versatile and can lend itself to any workout.

Most first-time home gym-makers try to go with the rubber playground mats. This is because they are cheap, easy to hold, and an obviously quick solution.

However, if you’re serious about your gym, you need something more viable and permanent that is meant to stand up against heavy traffic and free weights.

Then what’s the actual dissimilarity between the garage gym flooring mats & playground rubber flooring mats for gym use? And will it be valued to go for the higher-end gym mats? Let’s see.

What is playground rubber flooring?

These flooring mats are made up of natural extracts of rubber and are highly versatile, exceptionally resilient, and extremely durable flooring options for commercial as well as sports applications. It offers a sturdy, slip-resistant, and shock-absorbing surface for exercise, play, standing, and walking that is soft and comfortable for the feet.

When planning for a rubber floor, make sure you’ve reviewed all the available options to find the better one that suits your needs and preferences.

Pros of playground rubber floors for Gym Flooring:-

  • PricePlayground rubber floors are typically cost-efficient.
  • Shock absorbency: It can absorb a high level of impact. This makes them remarkable to use for hard-core workout programs such as P90X, plyometrics, and T25.
  • Water-resistant: Among all the greatest things about rubber floors are they are highly slip and water-resistant. So, you don’t have to be anxious about slipping or sliding around if you get drenched in sweat.

What is garage gym flooring?

These are stable rubber gym mats that are machine cut and vulcanized from reclaimed rubber tires, which makes them a premium, high-density, long-lasting mat. Standard rubber flooring is robust, non-porous, and has a low odor – an effective alternative to gym floor mats.

These mats are preferred by professional organizations. You will find them at hockey fields, schools, commercial gyms, hotels, and ski resorts. Though high-quality gym mats are a top choice for home-gym fitness buffs, they are incredibly durable, slip-resistant, and look fabulous in a DIY gym.

Here’s what you’ll find with a high-quality, premium rubber mat:-

Pros of garage gym flooring:-

Low odor: – Although most rubber flooring mats have an irresistible scent, however, rubber mats like horse stall for gym usage has a nasty tire-store smell.

Non-porous: – How much do you sweat? – These mats are primarily invented for high-impact, sweat-breaking workouts such as Cross Fit and Insanity.

Premium look: – Standard rubber mats have a smooth finish, making any gym look professionally more stunning and legitimate.

Best value: – These rubber formats are incredibly enduring for gym usage, ensuring that they’ll hold your most challenging workouts. They may initially come with a high price tag, but the frustration of saving time and constantly replacing the garage gym mats that can’t handle your ambitious workout program.

Water-resistant:- Both garage gym mats and the playground mats get points for being made of rubber which makes them excellent water-resistant floor options. These flooring mats can also withstand sweaty workouts, splashing water, and even yoga by the pool. 

Sound insulation:- As garage gym floor mats are superb sound-insulators, you can work out day or night without disturbing anyone else in your home.

Durability:– These garage gym floor mats are so resilient enough that if you plunged heavy free weights on them, the flooring underneath won’t get cracked or dented.

Conclusion:- Therefore, these are the facts that comprehend the prominent differences between these two floors, i.e., the garage gym flooring mats & playground rubber flooring mats. After going through this entire blog post hope that there is no confusion in selecting the right flooring option for you now.


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