Good morning, readers. Today, we’ll be discussing an American politician who in his ad campaign called for the hunting of ‘RINOs’. Dear readers, Have you heard of the Greitens Eric2022? He is accused of glorifying violence and violating FB’s community guidelines through a violationive ad posted on this platform.

According to sources, the United States controversial ex-governor of St. Louis, Missouri who is running for the senate in 2022 has violated Twitter Rules regarding offensive behavior.

A brief description of the Eric_

Eric Robert Greitens, a politician and former Navy SEAL. He was the 56th Governor of Missouri. In 2018, he resigned amid allegations of misconduct and misused campaign finance. He is running for the seat which will be vacant after Mr. Roy Blunt’s retirement. The former Governor is now preparing for the 2022 Senate Election.

Campaign ad Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

Monday, June 20th, 48-year-old Mr. Erci posted a tweet advertisement stating that you can order your RINO hunting permit today. RINO is a term that refers to republicans.

According to sources, the ad runs for 38 seconds. The ad shows him and his bodyguards breaking into a house to start firing. He then supports it. People started to criticize him after seeing the tweet and video. Twitter had to flag him as the tweet and video were in support of political violence. We are not blaming anyone, but we are merely presenting details.

The history of Greitens Eric2022_

The senatorial candidate is addicted to the controversies. When he was governor, he was in the news for his misconduct. Now, he is attracting attention on social media platforms with his latest campaign. In it, he states that he will ‘get such permits that don’t expire until they have thrown out bad people from the country’.

He is running for the seat which will be vacant after Mr. Roy Blunt’s retirement. The former Governor greitens Eric 2022 has begun preparations for the 2022 Senate Election.

The senate functions in the same way as an Indian MP. He will represent Missouri’s constituency in the forthcoming election to the US Senate. This ad also mentioned the U.S. Senate election that took place in the first week.


Q.1 How many people prefer Mr. Eric?

A.1 Emerson College’s poll and The Hill give us an indication that 27% of voters favor him.

A.2 He was conceived on April 10, 1974.

Conclusion –

According to sources, the U.S. Senate candidate Greitens Erik 2022 who is known for controversies has been found guilty by Twitter of violating its terms and conditions. We are only referring to the facts as they appear on the internet and not blaming any individual.


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