Want to find out what happened to DonorSee’s CEO? Gret Glyer, the CEO of DonorSee was based in the United States. The company facilitates communication between people in need and donors around the globe. Glyer had been found shot to death in his home a week prior. They were being investigated by police.

This article will provide more information about the case as well as his obituary. For more information on GretGlyer Obituary, please read the entire article.

Obituary by Gret Glyer

Gret N. Glyer (32 years old), was found dead at his home in June 2022. His two children, Galilee C. Glyer (Gryphon N. Glyer) and his wife Heather C. Glyer were left to mourn him. In his family, he had a father, mother, and sister. The Obituary for Gret Glyer will be held on July 1st at 9:30 am.

Glyer was raised in Virginia and was born there. In 2013, he moved to Malawi, where he founded a non-profit organization that assists widows and orphans. He was passionate about helping vulnerable people and founded Donor See to link donors to those in need.

The most recent Great Flyer Homicide

Gret Glyer, a resident of his home, was shot to death on June 24, 2022. The incident occurred at 2.57 AM. Police responded to calls from the public when they heard Glyer’s voice. Two children were present at the house when police arrived. The back door of the house was opened by officers. A man was also found dead inside the house; Gret Glyer was eventually identified by police.

For his role in the case, 33-year old Joshua Danehower was recently arrested by police. He is believed to have killed Glyer. Officials from Fairfax Police claim that Great Flyer Hmicide was the first Fairfax homicide since July 2008.

All About Obituary

Gret Glyer was a sensitive person who cared for the vulnerable. He founded a primary school in Malawi for girls. He was determined to end poverty and assist all those in need. He created Donor See to raise about 5 million dollars for the vulnerable.

He married Heather L. Campbell and they had two children: a daughter and a boy. He was a loving father, and a caring man.

Gret Glyer was the founder of DonorSee and was shot to death in that terrible incident. His family will hold a service to Gret Glyer Obituary on July 1 at The Falls Church Anglican, at 9.30 am.


Today’s article will tell you all about the Fairfax City homicide. The case was under investigation by police, and a suspect has been taken into custody. We also told you about Gret Glyer’s family’s memorial service.


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