How do I qualify to receive Singapore VAT voucher 2022? What number of Singaporeans will receive a Gst coupon this year? Budget 2022 has been announced by the Singapore government. It has also changed certain criteria to allow more Singaporeans to be eligible for the permanent GST voucher program. Continue reading Gst Coupon 2022 Singapore for more information about eligibility criteria and changes to GST voucher 2022.

The most recent updates

  • Budget 2022 was approved by Singapore. It included an increase to the permanent voucher program to continue to provide assistance to pay GST for lower- and middle-income Singaporeans. This is in addition to the transitional aid provided by the assurance package.
  • Official sources state that eligible 15,00,000. Singaporeans will be eligible for the GST voucher program 2022 (latest update 22 June). The GST voucher scheme will provide up to $300 cash to recipients.

Continue reading to learn more about the eligibility requirements for GST voucher cash.

Gst Coupon Eligibility 2022

To get Singapore GST voucher cash, you must meet the following standards:

  • Singapore residents must be present in Singapore to apply.
  • You should be at least 21 years old by 2022.
  • Revenue earnings should not exceed $34,000

NOTE The GSTV scheme enhancement raises the assessable income from $28,000 – $34,000 to include more Singaporeans

  • One property should be your only.
  • The annual value of your house should not exceed $21,000
  • Continue reading to learn more about the GST voucher cash 2022 enhancement and when it will be delivered to recipients.

Gst Voucher 2022 Singapore

Continue reading to learn about the changes in GST voucher 2022.

  • The GST voucher scheme will be improved to benefit recipients. First, all GST voucher cash recipients in 2022 will be eligible for $100 more than the current rate. The government also announced that citizens whose house’s assessed value is less than $13,000 will receive $100 more in 2022. This increases their payout. Second, recipients with an income of $34,000 or less can receive a GST voucher. It was previously $28000.
  • What month will recipients get GST Voucher 2022 Singapore. Sources indicate that the GST voucher cash will be delivered to the recipients in August 2022, if the recipient has already signed up for the previous GST voucher 2021. However, recipients who are eligible for the GST voucher cash this year and have not signed up in the past year will be notified by July 2022.


We have provided information to our readers regarding the eligibility for GST voucher 2022. We also discussed the enhancements and changes to the GST voucher 2022. We also discussed when the GST voucher cash will be available to recipients.


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