Snapchat’s application is loaded with subtleties and secret highlights. Some say this makes Snapchat hard to utilize, so last week we set up a manual for assist you with exploring the application.

One Snapchat include that isn’t quickly evident is your Snapchat score. This is the way to track down it.

While you’re taking a gander at your got Snaps page, the header will say “snapchat.” Tap on that.

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snapchat scoreScreenshot
Two numbers come up. The first is the quantity of Snaps you’ve sent. The second is the quantity of Snaps you’ve gotten.

snapchat scoreScreenshot
Snapchat says your score is the joined number of Snaps you’ve sent and gotten. You get one point for each Snap you send and a point for each Snap you get. You don’t get focuses for your Snapchat Stories.

You can see your Snapchat score by going to your profile page, which you access by tapping on the white phantom on the default page of Snapchat’s application.

snapchat scoreScreenshot
However! This framework is really confounding – in the event that you include the quantity of my sent and got Snaps (3,159 + 4,223), you don’t get my Snapchat score (7,582). All things being equal, you miss the mark, with 7,382.

Power clients have concocted a few hypotheses for the broadly noted inconsistency. Tech blog SnappTips has pontificated on this very subject:

There is a hypothesis doing the rounds in gatherings and conversation sheets that you get 12 focuses for each snap you convey to the initial 3 individuals and 20 focuses for each snap from there on.

This appears to be a conceivable clarification given that a few clients supposedly have Snapchat scores of 90,000 from there, the sky is the limit, some as high as 700,000.

Another hypothesis, and the most generally acknowledged one, is that you get 1 point for each snap you convey and one more 1 point for each snap you open. On the off chance that you send a snap to various beneficiaries, you still just get 1 point.

With some inconsistency, Snapchat scores depend on your utilization. So to wrench up your Snapchat score, begin sending more Snaps.


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