Changing the vape coil is one of the most necessary parts of the maintenance of a device. It is compulsory to replace the coil of a vape device to continue and keep vaping. However, this is for the reusable types of vapes and doesn’t apply to disposable vapes like Elux and Aroma king 7000.

As vaping, a dead coil vape can make you sick, cough, and give an unpleasant taste. So what does the dead coil mean?  It refers to that the coil is used and can’t be utilised further. Every time the coil is no longer usable it needs immediate replacement.

The question raises here, is how often do you need to change the coil? Simple the answer is it depends on you that how you use your device and what quantity you inhale. Furthermore, a few signs tell you when to change the coil in your device.

  At Weak Vapour Production:

Less quantity of vapour production is a sign that you need to replace the coil. The vapour produced by your device is lowered with the age of your coil and when nearing the end of your coil lifespan you’ll notice that much less vapour is produced by the vape than usual.

This is a vivid indicator from your device that the coil almost ends and now it’s time for a replacement. Notably, less vapour production could be also caused by a dying battery so before considering the replacement, you should the device.

  At Burning Taste:

This happens too many that they experience the burning taste while vaping. Obviously, that isn’t a pleasant experience at all. This is one of the most probable signs that your device’s coil needs to be exchanged with the new one. Regardless of the vape type, this could be the case with disposable vapes as well as reusable ones.

Burning taste can cause sickness, serious coughing, and vomiting. So as you feel even a slight smoked taste, this is better that you change the coil of your coil immediately. This is will not keep your vaping experience good but also keep your vaping safe.

  At a Gurgling Sound:

If your vape starts making noise and creates a gurgling sound, this is because for two reasons. One is in the case when your device’s tank is flooded and overfilled with e-liquid and the second, your vape coil needs replacement. If there’s nothing wrong with the tank that means the problem is with the coils.

This also could be possible because your device is not properly fitted. Considering that situation, there is an exception for disposable vapes, because they can’t be detached. If that is the case you need to detach the device completely and connect it again.

  At Off-tasting E-juice:

A weak or funny-tasting e-liquid often comes before a burnt taste, and you’re particularly likely to notice this with flavours you’re familiar with. If your e-liquid flavour like 88 vape liquid suddenly changes, it’s probably due to a dead coil because it should taste the same from the first to the final hit.


Though vaping is a wonderful experience and no one would like to ruin it. It happens to many vapes that sense a burning taste or unusual feel of the vape, this is due few reasons including the most prominent cause which is ruined or burnt coil. So in order to keep your vaping experience good, it is very important that you maintain your device.

Although all vapes require, disposable vapes require almost zero maintenance, since they are non-customisable. Replacing the coil includes the basic maintenance of your device, but if one asks how often one should change the coil. There are a few indicators mentioned above which tell when the coil must be replaced. Therefore make sure you follow these to avoid mistakes with your device and to keep your vaping excellent.


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