Fast and practical steaming helps to knock out stubborn dirt and grease – both from flat surfaces and hard-to-reach places (for example, from radiator plates or tile joints). Such cleaning allows you to put the kitchen or bathroom in order in a matter of minutes, but is it possible to steam upholstered furniture, and most importantly, a mattress, the filler of which is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature? 

Too hot cleaning

Manufacturers of steam cleaners indicate that any surface that is not afraid of high temperatures can be treated. Usually, we are talking about resistant materials like ceramics, metal, and heat-resistant glass. There are no specific guidelines for upholstered furniture or mattresses, therefore, when deciding on such mattress cleaning, it is necessary to adhere to the framework established by mattress manufacturers.

The thicker and more layered the mattress, the more difficult it will be to clean. In most cases, manufacturers allow cleaning or disinfecting the product only in dry cleaning, but it happens that this option is also unacceptable if mutually exclusive detergents must be used for different layers of the same mattress.

Concerning hot steam, manufacturers speak out even sharper, prohibiting mattresses from being exposed to high temperatures, drying the product with a hairdryer or iron, and putting it to dry for a long time in direct sunlight. This is especially important for models with grassy fibres, which become brittle from temperature changes and begin to crumble, contributing to the occurrence of respiratory allergies.

However, do not despair – most surface stains can be removed at home if you use practical tips for cleaning mattresses. And the best thing is to initially close the expensive product with a high-quality mattress cover, which can be found in the catalogue of the Matrason online store.

Exceptional cases of cleaning the mattress with a steam cleaner

If the surface of the contamination is too large (the entire cover needs to be treated) or the stain is more “deep” than the surface, you can take a chance and try to remove the smell or dirt with a steam cleaner.

In doing so, adhere to these rules:

  • First vacuum the mattress, removing dry debris and dust;
  • When processing the cover – try to move the nozzle as far as possible – so that the steam passes only through the fabric, without penetrating deep into the sensitive filler;
  • If you need to scrub the stain, use a special cloth nozzle that collects the “evaporated” dirt;
  • Even the dirtiest areas cannot be streamed more than 4 times in a row;
  • Hot steam can be used to disinfect a mattress, destroying dust, bed mites, down and feather eaters – this treatment requires deep penetration of steam and good subsequent drying.

If you have a model made of synthetic filler, insects are unlikely to be interested in your bed, especially since bed linen is regularly changed on it. But carpets, soft toys and even fabric blinds should be treated with steam, which will clean and disinfect.

Washing or steam cleaning is not always able to save the situation – unfortunately, this is one of the sure signs of mattress aging.

How can I use a steam cleaner on furniture?

Sofas and armchairs get dirty much faster and more often than a mattress covered with linens. Therefore, the usual washing of stains saves only at first, over time, the dirt eats into the upholstery, significantly changing its colour, clogged into fabric folds. Many users have already tested steam cleaners on their upholstered furniture, noting a positive result.

Steam perfectly cleans the upholstery, if you use a special fabric bag nozzle and work hard, wiping off dirt. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the fabric – natural materials (silk, wool) can change their density under the influence of hot moisture.

Keep in mind that most stains are much better handled by a vacuum cleaner that does not use too hot water and is more gentle on carpets or upholstered furniture.


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