Are you looking to hire a highly-skilled 3D product photographer who specializes in capturing 360-degree product images? Well, before finding out an efficient 3D photographer, be informed that the 3D product photography price is usually higher than traditional photography. 

However, if you deal with products featuring multi-dimensional attributes that your customers would want to see and engage with, the 3D product photography is worth the investment! 

But, where to find a skilled 3D product photographer who can capture stunning 360-degree images for your products? The real fact is that a good product photographer is hard to find until you know what exactly to look for while employing an excellent product photographer? 

First, the priority is to look at their product photography expertise and experience in specific products. Secondly, you should consider their general managerial and professional skills. To be precise, here are some of the essential skills that you should look for while hiring a professional 3D product photographer.

#1. Extensive Lighting Skills

You will find several photographers in your locality who have lighting experience in one way or another. But, what you should look for, is a skilled photographer who has experience in product lighting, especially in a product turntable for a video environment. This is very essential as the photographer’s lighting skill puts a huge impact on the image production as well as quality. 

A highly-experienced 3D product photographer knows the exact ways to quickly adjust the lighting for different products based on their shape, size, color, etc. So, if you find a photographer taking long hours to finalize the product lighting, note that they have limited tabletop lighting experience.

Tip: Look for a photographer who has years of experience in lighting a wide variety of products, particularly in a tabletop photography environment.

#2. Experience in Tabletop Product Photography

You will often find photographers who boast to have experience in 3D product photoshoots and thus quote a hefty 3D product photography price. However, you may ultimately discover that they have mere experience in shooting a few products for a friend. 

So, it is very crucial to hire a product photographer with broader experience, especially if your business incorporates products that vary in shape, size, color, and features. The photographer should have a complete understanding of how to position and highlight different types of products. A photographer acquires these skills over time by working on multiple tabletop product photoshoot projects.

Tip: It is always better to look for a photographer who has extensive experience working in a wide variety of product categories.

#3. Expertise in Image Editing

Several product photographers are advanced users of Photoshop and Lightroom, having expertise in editing images. However, in most high-volume 3D product photography projects, product images are usually edited by the image editing team.

Nevertheless, a photographer needs to understand the entire process of image editing and capturing 3D product images, keeping the editing process in mind. Adjusting lights, using props, etc., while shooting the product images can lead to faster and better edits.

Tip: Always look for a product photographer who has extensive experience in Photoshop, Lightroom, and image editing.

#4. Well-Organized 

Please note that a 3D product photographer should be very organized to operate efficiently. Photographers being more organized means they are more productive. The entire product turntable for a video photography process comprises several steps that include preparing the range of products, positioning them, adjusting lights, etc. 

Tip: Look for photographers who have track records of operating organized and efficient studios.

#5. Resourceful

Photographers may face several issues during the 3D product photoshoot that mainly includes equipment malfunctions, software glitches, product issues, etc. The 3D product photographer leads the project and therefore should be in charge of troubleshooting all the arising problems.

This is really important because such problems may put a negative impact on production and thus, they should be handled quickly and effectively.

Tip: Employ a confident and resourceful product photographer who can troubleshoot problems effectively.

#6. Produces Premium Quality Images

Most often, 3D product photographers need to capture thousands of products, shooting multiple images of a single product. Thus, they are required to capture hundreds of images each day. So, if you want high-quality images for your products, you should consider 3D photographers who have proven abilities to balance image quality.

While tabletop photography and lighting skills can help with productivity, the key to note is their ability to determine when an image is good and not perfect. Production photography involves producing good images, not the perfect ones. 

Tip: Hire a product photographer who can produce premium quality images quickly as striving for perfect images will increase the production costs and the overall budget.

Hire the Right Product Photographer!

Hope you are ready to hire a great product photographer by now. 

Note: Don’t rush! Spend some time doing thorough research before hiring a 3D photographer. Check out the portfolios of different professional photography companies, follow them on social media platforms, and have a face-to-face discussion on the project as well as the overall 3D product photography price before signing a contract with one of them. 


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