Cheating during online exams is a common problem. In this new normal, online  examination is an ongoing trend. However, many colleges and universities rely on online  exam software and remote proctoring to conduct exams seamlessly. Universities do a lot  more to prevent cheating during examinations, for example, they might push teachers to  invigilate and update their testing material accordingly. They can spend money on  education and marketing campaigns to make examinations authentic. 

Hence, many schools and universities face challenges in running education campaigns  due to budget constraints. This is why they are focusing on the remotely proctored exam to maintain the exam’s authenticity. Students lose their academic performance  in order to get good marks in the examinations. As a result, all you need to do is to focus on  competitive learning. Over time, schools and colleges have realized that investing in  technology can help in conducting secure exams. Teachers continue classes in the new  normal.

How to prevent cheating during online exams using  Remote Proctoring? 

Remote proctoring is an effective way to maintain the integrity of the exam. However, most universities and corporations have been using remote proctoring  for secure online exams. There are ways to prevent cheating some of them are as follows: 

Make analysis-based questions: Make analysis and evaluation basis questions  instead of making questions that can be answered easily after an online search. ∙ Use diversified questions– Instead of multiple-choice questions, incorporate them  with open-ended questions, so that students would be compelled to answer with an  explanation. 

Verify the candidate’s Identity: It is critical to validate the candidate’s ID before  initiating the examination. Undertaking ID verification can authenticate the exam and  prevent any cheating issues. 

Therefore, remote proctoring is an appropriate solution for making online examinations  easier and more secure. 

How Think Exam is helpful in conducting Remote  proctored exams? 

Think Exam is one of the leading online exam software for conducting remotely proctored exams. Think Exam uses Artificial Intelligence based remote proctoring  technology for conducting secure and cheating-proof online exams. It is very beneficial  for schools, colleges, coaching institutes, or other educational institutions for conducting  secure and seamless online exams.

Source: Think Exam Website 

Think Exam’s remote proctoring software restricts all the external websites or  applications and upgrades the functionality of the browser, thus making the online examination or assessment safe and secure. Remote Proctoring works in various stages  in which the first step is the authorization of the candidate. After the authorization via  face recognition and biometric, the proctor exam begins. After the test starts the proctor start monitoring the screens of test-taking candidates. They also track the activities of  students with the help of screen sharing and real time audio-video recording. A proctor keeps an eye on the candidate during the entire examination.


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