Last week, Apple released the iPhone X to fanfare from tech reviewers and users alike. The device has been described as everything from the most sophisticated smartphone ever made to the future of our cell phones to leggy AF (Google it). With all of the hype surrounding this new device, we wanted to take an objective look at the newest addition to the iPhone family and ask, is it leggy? Or just a fad? You might be surprised by what we found!…

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The iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The iPhone X is Apple’s newest flagship phone, and it’s bigger and more expensive than any other iPhone before it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the newest phones from Samsung, and it’s also one of the biggest and most expensive. So, which one is better? In terms of size, the iPhone X is slightly larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus. But in terms of price, the Galaxy S8 Plus is $120 cheaper. So, which one should you buy?

Look At The Whole Picture

The new iPhone X has a lot of features that are different from any other phone on the market. So, of course, there are going to be some mixed reviews. Some people say it’s too expensive, others say the battery life isn’t great, and still, others, say it’s the best phone they’ve ever used. So, what’s the verdict? Let’s take a closer look. First off, the price point is an issue for many potential buyers – but if you think about it as a long-term investment with potential resale value (and we’re talking way down the line), it makes sense. Plus, when you buy your phone outright (or through monthly installments) instead of paying for your carrier contract over two years, you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in total cost. And for those who say battery life is an issue, remember that all batteries degrade over time – so this should be taken into account when making comparisons. And finally – this is the most advanced smartphone Apple has ever made with tons of features and applications! What do you think?

Bigger isn’t always better

The new iPhone X is larger than previous models, but does that make it better? Some people say yes, but others are not so sure. The extra size can be cumbersome, and the phone is more expensive than ever before. Plus, there have been reports of the phone’s battery life not living up to expectations. So, is the iPhone X worth the hype? You decide. Some say the camera lens takes sharper photos on this phone than on previous versions, which means you will get great pictures even if you don’t have a professional camera. Others find that its true-to-life colors are just what they want in their picture. 

However, some may not like that they cannot use a case with this design because it makes the sides too slippery. That may also mean trouble when holding onto your phone while taking a selfie or shooting a video because your hand may slip off without realizing it! 

If you want an iPhone with fewer issues and less hassle, consider sticking with an older model or choosing another company’s device altogether.

A Narrower Screen Makes the Phone Easier to Use

The iPhone X may have a lot of new features, but one of the most significant changes is its screen. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch display, which is noticeably smaller than the 6.5-inch display on the iPhone 8 Plus. But don’t let that fool you — the iPhone X’s screen is bigger than the 5.5-inch display on the iPhone 8. The smaller size makes the phone much easier to use with one hand, and it also means that apps will look better on the iPhone X.

iPhone X is Much Taller Than Other Phones

The iPhone X is the tallest phone ever made by Apple. It’s about an inch taller than the iPhone 8 Plus, and half an inch taller than the iPhone 8. Even the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is one of the tallest phones on the market, is only about three-quarters of an inch shorter than the iPhone X. So, if you’re looking for a tall phone, the iPhone X is probably your best bet. But, some trade-offs come with a phone that’s this tall. First, it can be difficult to reach the top of the screen with your thumb. Second, the taller form factor can make the phone feel a bit more unwieldy in your hand.

Why The iPhone X Wins In The Battle of Legs

The iPhone has always been a great phone, but the new iPhone X is even better. It’s got a great design, a powerful processor, and an OLED display that is simply stunning. Plus, it’s got a camera that is second to none. But what sets the iPhone X apart from the competition is its battery life. With up to 21 hours of talk time, 12 hours of internet use, and 13 hours of video playback, the iPhone X can last all day long.


The iPhone X is a beautifully designed phone with a lot of features. But is it leggy? I did some research and here’s what I found. There are many reviews from people who said that the iPhone X has great sound quality, but there are also many other reviews from people who say that the sound quality of the iPhone x does not compare to other phones in its price range. There are also reviews from people who say that the screen on the iPhone x is not as crisp as other screens they have seen, but there are others who disagree.


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