Every day sees new technology, and businesses must keep up with it to develop and stay in the competition. Tech companies are growing exponentially, and new jobs are being created quickly. Everyone is looking to get into a reputed company with a hefty paycheck.

Recently, the focus has been on cloud computing, and AWS has topped the list for the last few years. Many have eyes on AWS certifications, and some have even succeeded in achieving the certification and the dream job. But does everyone who has an AWS certificate land an impressive career? This one question still lingers in the minds of job aspirants who are skeptical about beginning their AWS journey with the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. They wonder if they should get certified as AWS Cloud Practitioners. 

Is it worth the money, effort, and time spent? Who could benefit from an AWS certification? Let’s try to answer these concerns and help you with your career path.

About AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification– In a Nutshell 

Currently, AWS offers 12 different certifications at different levels. There is one foundational exam for amateurs or beginners, i.e., the AWS Cloud Practitioner. There are three Associate branches and their two relative professional certifications. Six specialty exams for the advanced level prove your excellence in the zone.

AWS Cloud Practitioner is the foundation course for getting acquainted with cloud computing and the operations of AWS. You do not get technically skilled like an associate or developer. AWS is the system that companies use for various levels of the process, from sales to customer management. With your AWS CLF-C01 certification, your recruiter will be impressed that you have the knowledge to work with AWS, even if you are in the sales department.

So, is it really worth taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam? The answer would be a big ‘Yes.’ Whether you wish to land an admirable job as a manager, sales executive, finance manager, tech job, or even purchase department, you could increase your demand and value by displaying your AWS foundation certificate. Read on to know why you should be certified for at least the foundation-level AWS exam and how it can boost your career.

What Do You Learn in an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course?

When you have thought twice about why you should get certified as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you should first try to understand what you will be learning in this course. The first point is that there is no rocket science to be remembered while preparing for the AWS Foundation course. 

 To attain the certification, you must take a Cloud Computing Fundamentals course. The fundamentals that are covered in the Cloud Practitioner training course are

– Basic concepts

– Different AWS services & their functionalities

– Base architecture and its principles

– Security concerns and their solutions

– How to manage the accounts, billing, and pricing

– AWS documentation principles for industries

Before the exam, you should also gain hands-on experience working on the AWS cloud. The candidate will have to learn to work on AWS’s design, implementation, and operation.

Why Should You Get Certified as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

Even though AWS certifications are related to the IT industry, and IT professionals attend the exams, the Cloud Practitioner exam is for everyone and not confined to a specific job role. It introduces all the tools and implementation offered by AWS cloud, its costs, and how and when to use it. You do not become an expert in AWS cloud with the CLF-C01 training course, but it will let you spell out your familiarity in cloud space. You can even go with learning AWS courses via AWS learning App. 

1) Amazon is the Pioneer in the Cloud Computing Industry

Amazon tops the list of cloud computing services. Well-established IT giants like Dell and Oracle rely on Amazon’s cloud space. They hold supremacy in the cloud market with 27% of the total cloud space. Amazon was the inventor of public cloud infrastructure and has held the court with its massive infrastructure and operational efficiency.

2) Approachable Target Learning for Beginners

Amazon has made the certification process as easy as it can be. All the exams can be attended from your home without traveling to test centers. The results and certifications are also issued online. The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is the easiest of the Amazon certifications. This doesn’t mean you can attempt the exam without preparation. Even if you have experience working in cloud services, you should take a training course to prepare for the exam.

3) Must-have for IT Professionals 

The job market is teeming with engineers and IT professionals. It would help if you were explicitly qualified to have an edge above the rest. With the increasing popularity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, more businesses are moving towards cloud storage. All tech companies also use cloud space to enable remote working for their employees. With a basic cloud certification like Cloud Practitioner, you can express your keenness to stay updated on the latest technologies.

4) Non-Technical Professionals Can Understand Cloud Concepts

It is not necessary to be a techie to learn cloud computing basics. With basic computer knowledge, you can understand the nuances of cloud computing and get certified. The certification could benefit those working in any department, like sales, managerial, legal, analysts, or even scrum masters. It can aid in your job promotion in roles where you have to work alongside IT professionals on cloud systems. Understanding the operation can help you make crucial decisions by utilizing the data on the cloud systems.

5) Can help you in scoring your next level AWS Certification

AWS Cloud Certification is only the beginning. Even though some argue that the foundation exam does not open up many doors, it can give you the essential learning required to take the AWS career path. You may move on to take a training course in the next level of AWS certification, like a solutions architect or web developer. Learning from your Cloud Practitioner preparation course can help you get better scores. The advanced certifications can land you the dream job, and the foundation cert is your stepping stone.

6) High Pay and Demand

 Reports show that AWS certification has increased salary by 25%. Cloud-certified professionals have also been noted to have significantly better wages than those without certification. You are an asset to the team, directly affecting your salary. 

Due to the increasing demand for candidates to fill in roles relating to cloud computing, there is a common tendency to recruit certified and non-certified candidates. Certified candidates gain a competitive advantage in such a scenario. There is evident competition between the AWS partner companies to hire certified professionals to maintain their status. AWS Consulting Partners must maintain a minimum number of certified staff to maintain their AWS qualification.

7) Useful Even if You are not Aiming for a Highly Technical Job 

As the name suggests, AWS Cloud Practitioner is just a practitioner-level certification. You are not learning to be a tech employee. Regardless of the industry, they all depend on cloud storage for their operation. Over 1 million active users use AWS. Basic knowledge of AWS account management or process could work like a star on your job profile, with every other industry looking for people who are knowledgeable of the system.

8) Loved by Recruiters 

Unlike most other certifications, no debate prevails over the value of AWS certifications. AWS exams have been established as the prime representation of the individual’s skills in cloud computing. Recruiters accept that they have an eye for profiles with an AWS certification. Employers are also confident with AWS-certified professionals and reveal that they have peace of mind while recruiting certified professionals. It proves as a quick measurement of the competence and knowledgeability of the candidate.

9) Recertify in 3 years and Stay Updated

Cloud computing systems are constantly updated. Therefore, AWS exams are valid only for three years. You must undertake the recertification exam within three years to maintain your certification. There are also maintenance exams conducted by AWS, which will keep you updated on cloud technology.

10) Gives the Confidence to Take the Leap 

AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is only the beginning. When you learn, it sparks your interest in the cloud platform. It acts like a first step for you to jump in from associate to professional certification. As you should be aware, professionally certified candidates are currently among the most in-demand qualifications in the job market.

11) Validate Your Skills

Anyone can work on an AWS Cloud. Some even do self-learning just for fun or because their job demands it. You may get acquainted with the tools and the utilities, but without a certification, you may not be able to explain your knowledge when looking for employment. With the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert, you can validate your skills and have them in writing. It is a document that proclaims that you are the right person for a job that requires working with cloud services.

Summing Up

To become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you must pass only the CLF-C01 test. The exam cost is just $100, and with some dedication, you can easily pass the test on the first try. Training courses are available at very affordable prices, and you can take online courses for the same.

Even though an AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate does not work like an experience note, it does give you the upper hand in the job perspective. It will get you across the primary job hiring filters. You will always have a competitive advantage in the job market. AWS certifications are not a golden ticket to landing a job. They can pave your way for a career; the rest depends on your performance and other related qualifications.


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