Are you in need of to get away from your 9-to-5 routine and are you looking to travel to an area that provides you with the most joy and tranquility. A spot that is breathtakingly beautiful and is on the top of any traveler’s bucket lists. If you are a fan of physical fitness and readiness, taking a look at the trails for every destination for a getaway is suggested. For travelers who are visiting India’s south, India there is no shortage of trails to inspire travelers to leave their accommodations and look outside.

Location & Introduction

Pushpagiri, also called Kumara Parvatha is the tallest mountain in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary located in Karnataka which is 1,712 meters (5,617 feet). It is located about 20 kilometers away from Somwarpet located in the northern part within the Kodagu district, and lies between the boundaries between Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu and Hassan districts. It is Karnataka’s fifth highest mountain.


According to Hindu mythology the The son of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya is sometimes referred to Subhramya or Murugan was married to Devasena (Lord Indra’s child) within the Kumara Parvatha hills. Another legend about Kumara Parvatha goes like this:

Lord Shiva’s the heavenly serpent Vasuki that he wore on his neck in adornment was struck with Garuda (Lord Vahana, Vishnu’s horse). Vasuki was a devotee for years of tapas (worship) within the caves of the Kukke Subramanya temple in order to deter Garuda attacks. Lord Shiva assigned the son Kartikeya to protect Vasuki from Garuda. According to the legend, Kartikeya paid a visit to Kumara Parvatha, and blessed Vasuki by promising that he would be with him for the rest of his life. Since then, every ritual that is performed on the serpent will be considered to be pooja performed by Kartikeya himself.

Where should we begin?

The Kumara Parvatha trek begins in a thick jungle with tall trees that ensure sunlight can’t penetrate into the earth. The trees permit only a little sunlight to enter.

The Kumara Parvatha begins in Subrahmanya which is where the famed Kukke Subrahmanya temple is located. Before you start your journey, you need to first get through Kukke Subrahmanya and then to the base. This Kumara Parvatha (KP) trek is 13-14 km long and includes a viewing point within the Western Ghat region. To complete the trek in a single day, start early and try to do it before 6 a.m. When you reach the checkpoint for forest the popular stopping point known as Batara Mane.

Things to Carry

  • Head torch/Flashlight
  • Extra clothes
  • Trekking shoes with a sturdy soles to ensure safe and comfortable walking
  • Take snacks and food items in case you don’t receive any food point
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack that can carry everything you need
  • Camera to capture beautiful scene.
  • Raincoat / Windcheater
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap / hat
  • Cosmetics such as cream, sunscreen and body lotion facial wash, lip balm, body wash
  • Toiletries
  • Medicines for any emergency
  • First Aid for injuries

Why Should You Visit?

It is Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats is the second highest point within Coorg, Karnataka. An extremely popular hike for novices who are just beginning, the trail of experience will lead you through dense forests, massive volcanic rocks, as well as wildlife and wild plants. Certain sections of the trail are extremely difficult, for the more experienced hiker however, the view makes it worth it. This trek is very well-known in the city of Bangalore and other nearby South Indian states. It is also known as Pushpagiri Trek. It will show you stunning mountains, the valleys, which are painted with amazing colors of green small streams, and other awe-inspiring things that nature can provide on the way.

The major attractions on the Kumara Parvatha trek are Bhattara Mane, Girigadde view point, Nithyananda Sree Kailasa Temple, Pushpagiri peak. These are the reasons that people from across the globe come to the area. It truly is awe-inspiring with a tranquil setting and is among the most peaceful spots you’ll find. Legends from the neighborhood say that the revered god, Lord Subramanya’s image is on the top of the mountain. If you’re seeking satisfaction and satisfaction, this is the path you should embark on to surrender yourself to this world, and ensure that you think of nothing other than her. I guarantee you that you won’t leave this spot.

The best time to visit the place

While the Kumara Parvatha trip is a must-do at any time you want, the most suitable and best time to go is from October through January and June through September. In the summer, South India is very sweltering and humid and you will not have the chance to experience the amazing plants around. The heat and humidity will drain you of energy. The winters, however, are very beautiful and if you begin early, you’ll notice the mountain covered in stunning fog and fog. In fact, even the rain storm is an awesome opportunity to travel because of the fact that the slopes are richer and blooms appear along the way, with butterflies and honey bees forming to greet you.


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