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This game has attracted more than a million people around the globe. Do you know the wordle 390 answer? You may not know that this game is played all over IndiaAustralia. You might like to give it a try. Did you ever wonder how it got so well-known? Is there any interesting information in it? Is this something you are familiar with? You don’t have to worry about it. Just read this article on and let your curiosity run wild.

Wordle 390 answers and hints –

You might have thought something different, or you may be right about the answer. Many people put their best effort, and sometimes the answer doesn’t turn out to be what they think. So today’s wordle answer: LIVER.

Let’s look at these hints.

  • This term refers to an organ located in the abdomen that participates in metabolic processes.
  • There is no word in the wordle that can be repeated twice.
  • The word “‘s” comes from our old English, a lifer.

It is possible that you have also misunderstood it with Wordle. Don’t worry; everyone gets confused from time to time. The answer isn’t difficult, it seems. It is necessary to be familiar with the anatomy of organs and humans.

Details about wordle and its gameplay-

Wordle, a popular game that uses hints to solve a mystery, is well-known. It was created using welsh technology. Here, you will be given 5 boxes to fill. After going through all the hints, you will need to use the correct guesses to complete the task. The answer was Liger Wordle.

Let’s get to the bottom of it.

  • The players will have six chances to solve the five-word wordle.
  • You can enter your guesses by pressing the keypad
  • The color of the board will change. This makes it simple to understand and make it fun.
  • If the color turns green it means you correctly guess it
  • If the color turns out yellow, then your words are correct but incorrect.
  • If the color turns up to be Gray, that means you’ve entered the wrong term.

Wordle helps users learn and understand new words and solves daily mysteries.

Was the Liger Wordle difficult when it was solved?

Although it is not so difficult, if someone doesn’t know the basics of human anatomy or the terms associated with that, it could be difficult. When solved, it will require brain effort and most people won’t believe that this will be the solution.


However, wordle 14, July 2022 wordle 3990, was answered correctly by liver. Many of us assumed it to be Liger. But that’s okay. This happens when most people get stuck on certain wordles. This article provides all the information and gameplay about Liger Wordle390. You can click it to view additional information about wordle.

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