Dispute between builder and client is not new. There is a conflict of interest in almost every building and construction contract. Mostly for construction related dispute you need to take legal advice from Construction dispute lawyers Perth.  Different government organizations help you with different nature of problems. Let’s check out the names of these government organizations and a type of problem these organizations handle –

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV)

Energy Safe Victoria

Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV)

Dispute regarding building contract

If you conflict with your builder and looking for someone to resolve this dispute. Just visit the DBDRV website and apply dispute resolution. You can connect with them via call as well. Just dial 1300 55 75 59 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. They will help you in resolving this dispute.

Types of problems and government organization helps you in resolving these problems

– Building work is in progress and I have an issue with the work

Building work is in progress you inspect the working and realise that it was not as per your expectation In other words you can say that you are not satisfied with the work. You can file a complaint to the RBS. Now RBS will look into the matter and give strict orders to get the pending work done.

Building work is complete but you didn’t like the work

Such a condition is complex to resolve because work is already completed according to the builder but the client didn’t like the work. For Such disputes, you can complain DBDRV. They will help you in resolving the dispute by enforcing legal action against it.

Wants to complain about a builder’s performance

If you are not happy with the builder’s performance and want to complain against your builder. That means builder is not work as per the contract. VBA is the authorized body that is going to handle such disputes.

Not happy with the work wants to terminate the building contract

Overall you are not happy with the work of the builder and wants to terminate your building contractor with the help of VBA, if you are not satisfied with the work.

Not happy with the plumbing work

If you are unhappy with the plumbing work of your building and you have evidence to support your point. Plumbling work like pipe fittings, bathroom fittings etc. Take assistance from VBA and VCAT. 

Plumbing work should be done by a licensed plumber otherwise the punishment is strict for this. These high authorities will look into the matter and gives the desired solution.

Safety Issues

Safety issues should not be left unchecked. After all, safety should be the top priority. In case of electricity minor defect may cause major damages if left unchecked. If you detect any phishing related to safety, just take immediate action and informed the relevant council about this.

Relevant council will inspect the safety issues like fire safety, Bush fire assessment, swimming pool safety issues, etc.

Concern About building adjoining property

Property borders are shared in part or whole is termed as adjoining property. If you are not happy with the work of the adjoining property you can intimate the Relevant Building Surveyor about this matter.

Boundary fence neighbor dispute

Conflict with the neighbor while constructing is common like boundary fence disputes. Such an issue can be resolved by the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. Just call 1300 372 888 or visit their website and lodge a complaint against the issue.

Other concerns are 

– Concern about planning matters.

– Concern about building insurance.


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