If you have a trip planned for your company and need to take your employees or work items, renting a van or minibus can be extremely smart options.

Many people don’t even know about the option of renting a van and that’s why they end up in doubt when choosing the utility that best suits them. We want to help you with that, so keep reading this text.

The truth is that both utilities can be good for your business model, but it’s always worth taking a closer look at your company’s needs so the best thing to do is evaluate what you’re looking for with this new venture.

Minibus or van?

If you are in doubt about which city to rent a minibus or van for your business, the best way out is to analyze what are the main needs that come to you when carrying out your work.

We will offer you a view of the positive and negative points of each of these options, this way it is much easier to identify which type of utility vehicle More positive results for your business model.

In general, both expansion strategies can bring efficient results for your company, but it’s always worth having a deeper look at what your business really needs.

How many people do they usually take?

It should be considered the number of passengers you usually take on your travels.

This is very important information for you to make the right decision when renting your van or minibus.

If you normally need to take all your team members from one point to another, whether for work meetings or even to carry out service, it is best to choose a minibus.

Now, if you tend to depend more on space to carry tools or work materials, vans will certainly be the best option for you.

An important point is that, if you still don’t know how to identify what is best for your business, it is not recommended that you purchase a utility.

The best option would be to rent one, so that if there is a perception that another type of car would do the job better, this would be such a loss for your business.

How often will you depend on the utility?

If you’re not sure whether to rent a van or SUV, an important point to consider is the number of times a week that will depend on your car usage.

Fact that vans have much stronger mechanics and that will hardly present problems in the middle of your daily life. In other words: for more frequent uses a van should better suit your needs.

In general, these two vehicles play the same role, you will hardly be able to load the microbus. How many tools would a van carry?

The number of passengers in a van can vary according to its model, so it is natural to find similar models of vans with two versions of seating capacity.

If you are going to take more than 15 passengers very often, microbuses perform this role best.

How important is speed to you?

It is important to understand that the engine capacity of a van is very different from the engine capacity of a minibus, if you need a lot of agility, microbuses may end up letting you down.

So, if you need a lot of agility to get from one point to another or if you need to follow very specific schedules, the best option will really be to opt for a van, since because it is smaller, it can reach high speeds more easily.

It is also worth remembering that on certain roads buses need to follow a different speed limit than vans, which are still considered light cars.

So if you want a car with enough capacity to carry all your employees, but without letting you down in terms of speed and agility, vans should fulfill their role very well.

Is it better to buy or rent?

Now that you’ve made up your mind and you know exactly what type of utility vehicle you’re looking for, you just have to decide if, for you, the best option is to buy or rent this vehicle.

Most of the time, we recommend that business owners rent their vans with a reliable rental company, as this way you won’t have to worry about mechanical problems, cleaning or any other type of periodic maintenance.

All these minor headaches will be resolved and resolved by our team, who will promptly assist you in case any of our cars have problems.

We are sure that, for you, it would be much more advantageous to have a quality van, with good mechanics, and completely safe for you to travel without having to worry about the technical part.

We have several options of van models for you to choose from, and reach the best conclusion, selecting the one that best suits your business.

I’m sure this will be an excellent way to expand your company’s service areas as well as take your work to your end customer much more easily.


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