In this blog, I’m gonna be giving you a private tour of my custom designed home office set up. Less than a year ago, I finally moved into my home, which had been under construction for over three long years. And being an entrepreneur that runs multiple businesses from my home, you bet your buns that I wanted in my home office to be fricking awesome. 

I wanted it to be relaxing, but at the same time, a motivating and productive space, somewhere I wouldn’t mind spending a majority of my day in and that I’d actually look forward to working in every single morning. 

When I Hear A Designer

I hired a designer and with a lot of back and forth and at about $16,000 all in, we came up with the office design that I’m gonna give you a tour of today. Teachers cv writing service in uk get into the desk setup and computer specs, a standing desk alternative area, the overall space and layout of the room, the blog set up and gear specs, and all the decor that brings everything together. The overall space of the office is pretty large at 21 by 13 feet, or in meters that would be 6.5 X 4 meters. 

Ceiling Height Is 9.8 Feet

The ceiling height is 9.8 feet or three meters. Maybe this is a personal thing, but if I’m spending a large amount of time in a space, I really prefer if it’s not too crammed. Living in Japan would probably be the death of me. Thus, I allocated a pretty sizable chunk of the house’s real estate to the office, taking a bit away from the kitchen and living room areas, which are also on the first floor. Another thing that was important to me was getting a lot of natural light in the office. 

As you can see, about 40% of the room’s perimeter includes tall floor to ceiling windows, giving a view of the garden outside, and unfortunately the neighbor’s living room, who plays way too much Xbox, no judging here. There’s also this window up here, which actually was a huge mistake as the morning sun comes through here, blasting myself in the face with a laser beam of light. Most of the time the curtain stays lowered. 

Speaking Of Curtains

Each of the window segments has an automatic curtain, which is controlled by a single remote, which turned out to be absolutely essential for the YouTube blog setup, which we’ll get to later. The curtains also help me block out my neighbor from seeing me play way too many PC games and judging me in return. Along the top of the ceiling in the back wall, behind the main sitting desk, you’ll see these hexagonal installations in various shades of gray. 

These are actually soundproofing acoustic panels. One detriment of having a large office is the echo. When I first moved in, the sound quality in both YouTube blogs and Zoom meetings was unbearable. So I decided to get these guys installed. They weren’t cheap. Materials and installation end up costing about $2,000, but it definitely did the trick, and in my opinion, I think it looks pretty good. The soundproofing ended up being somewhat of a centerpiece for the room. In terms of the color scheme. 

Pretty Neutral Palette 

I ended up going with a pretty neutral palette of grays, grayish blues, and woods. The idea here was to look professional, but still give off a very relaxing vibe with the coloring. The walls are actually wallpaper and have a fun texture to them. Not quite furry walls, but we make do. This door here leads right to the bathroom, which is for exactly what you expect it for. You want me to say it, fine. It’s for pooping, pooping. Two things I’ve always wanted are in here. A countertop sink bowl and an electronic toilet, Japanese style. 

I’m A Man Of Simple Taste 

In terms of the non-natural lighting in the office, we have this overhead light LED strip installation that surrounds the soundproofing material. Then in the back wall behind the main desk, we have a chandelier, two sconces and another non dimmable LED feature here as well. To be fair, I hardly ever use lights as most of the time I work during the day and the natural light is plenty. Lastly, before we move on to the desk and computer setups, yes, the plants are real. If you’re digging this blog, please let me know by hitting that light button. 

Posting Content About Business And Marketing

Most of the time I’m posting content about business and marketing, so any feedback you can give about these off topic blogs would be great. I have two desks in this office and the first one we’ll take a look at it is this custom built traditional sitting desk here. In terms of price, I had it built here in Thailand for about $1,000, including materials and construction. The wood is Walnut, which I’m a big fan of. One of my favorite features is this pop-up charging station, which has a port for pretty much everything and keeps everything clean and tidy. Moving onto the PC. 

Add Gaming Machine

I recently built this gaming machine here. It’s windows naturally, with an Intel I9 eight core processor, Nvidia GEForce RTX 3600 graphic card, a couple of two terabytes, all estate drives, 64 gigabytes of DDR 4 RAM and Kraken water cooling. Overall this bad boy ended up costing about three K, which is definitely on the high end, but the way I look at it, if I were a carpenter, this would be my hammer. A journeyman always needs good tools. 

In terms of games, right now I’m into Magic the Gathering Arena, Assassin’s Creed, Civ, and Total War: Warhammer. I’ve collected over 650 shameful hours on Civ, so if you play yourself, hit me up in the comments. The monitor I use is a Samsung 34-inch curved and have absolutely zero complaints about it. If you haven’t gone ultra wide already, please do. 

Ergonomic Standards

It sits on a cheap little $15 stand that I really like because otherwise the monitor wouldn’t be high enough for ergonomic standards, that is eye level at the middle of the screen. Okay, the chair I might’ve gone a little bit overboard with. It’s a Herman Miller Aeron and it retails for about $1,395. I’m not going to lie, it’s damn comfortable and it’s definitely the most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned in my life, but is it 10x better than $139 chair? Probably not. In terms of the accessories on the desk, we have $120 blue Yeti microphone, which I use for typical meetings, podcasts and interviews. 

Microphone Is A Pair Of $200

Sitting next to the microphone is a pair of $200, Sony noise canceling headphones that I really, really love. They rest on $150 Walnut headphones stand from Grovemade, a freaking great brand if you really want to deck out your desk. In fact, this $70 Wool felt desk pad and $30 blue leather mousepad are from Grovemade as well. Check them out, but be prepared to buy something. Their stuff is nice. For keyboard and mouse, I use a Logitech MK470 set, which I love the texture of. 

I use the same keyboard and mouse over at my standing desk, which we’ll go see soon. Over here to the side of my desk, where you’re looking from now is my camera setup. But before we get into that, I’d like to give a huge thank you to the sponsor of this blog, and that’s Ahrefs. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that many search engine optimization professionals, including myself, use to get their job done. It really does do more things than I can count. 

I Use It For Site Audits

But for me, particularly, I use it for site audits, which help me evaluate the technical SEO health of my website, so Google will love them. Competitor research, in particular reverse engineering the keyword research and back link strategies of my competition. And content Explorer, which helps me figure out high search volume, low competition topics to write about. This kind of data is absolutely critical for doing SEO these days. And it’s nearly impossible to get by yourself. 

Best of all, just because you hit the like button, Ahrefs is offering a free version called Ahrefs Webmaster Tools or AWT. Just go to to check it out today. Now back to the blog. For the camera, I use a Panasonic Lumix G95 with a Vario II Lens. The camera costs about 1,200 while the lens was about 800 for a grand total of $2,000, not counting the little extras, like a tripod and SD card. 

Camera Exclusively For Youtube Blog

I use this camera exclusively for YouTube blog and it just sort of stays exactly where it is at all times. For audio, I use this Sarmonic lapel mic set, which I’m pretty happy with. No complaints, just be prepared to burn through AA batteries. To help with lighting, I often use these $120 LED light softboxes and position them on either side of the camera. These do a great job with the overall brightness of the blog, as well as reducing the age of my face by about 10 years. 

You Make Me Feel So Young 

Moving over to the standing desk. I got this guy locally from the average officemate type office furniture store for about $700. I’m not going to mention the brand since as far as I know, there’s a hundred different private label brands for this specific desk, and they’re all the same thing just with different logos on them. I tend to use the standing desks about 50% of the time to enforce good posture and mobility, while the sitting desk is used more for focus work and gaming. 

Standing Desk 

The key feature of the standing desk is this up and down control, which actually can lower the desk far enough to be a sitting desk. This is the desk that most of my visitors end up using as they can customize it to their liking. Over here, I have a Dell XPS 17 laptop, fully loaded, which is also my travel laptop. It’s got a 998 core 2.4 gigahertz processor, 64 gigs of RAM and an Nvidia GEForce RTX 2060 graphic card. 

It was fully loaded at the time I bought it for about $3,420, which is definitely pricey. That said, I can say hands down, this is the best laptop I’ve ever owned. It powers up an ultra wide monitor with no lag, no fans working over time and can pretty much game anything on ultra settings. 

16 Inch Macbook Pro 2021

What the hell am I doing with two laptops? Good question. Well first it was a contest prize from Fan Fuel, excellent affiliate network I worked with, but second, because let’s put it like this. If you run an ass ton of Facebook ads, you’re going to get an account ban. I’ll just leave it at that. The specs for this guy are nearly exactly the same as the Dell, but it uses a Radean Pro 5600 graphic card instead. For the standing monitor I’m using a Dell 34 inch Ultra Sharp Curved Monitor. 

Is It Better Than The Samsung? 

I can’t tell the difference to be honest, Both are great. If you’re thinking of getting, or even building a standing desk, you a hundred percent need to get a cushioned mat. It’s a billion times more comfortable on your feet and better for your overall posture. This one was $40 on Amazon and I love it. This couch here is a new addition to the office. I picked it up at a local furniture store for 350 bucks and I seriously love it. I wanted a place to just lie down and put up my feet and watch some porn, I mean, read in peace, 

The Color Matches The Room Motif

I’m pretty happy with this one. Now, before we move on to the decor and about 10,000 Lego pieces, I wanted to point out my vision board. A vision board is a simple project that you can do yourself, where you simply pin up different goals or targets or whatever you’re working on. And at least in my experience, when I put things up on my vision board, they happen faster. 

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Some examples of the goals I have up here right now are helping more people, fixing issues with my gut health, improving relationships, improving my sleep, adding more balance in my life and so forth. I’ll let you figure out which images represent which goals. To create this vision board, I bought a typical cork board and then spray painted it gray and black to match my room motif. And the items pinned up here are simple printouts using the color printer. 

Is My Goals Were Met?

To keep things fresh, I usually sit down with myself once per quarter and see if my goals were met, reflect on any improvements that can be made and then rotate in new goals to replace any that were accomplished. Now over here on the opposite wall from the windows, we have a custom built-in cabinet that was part of the interior design of the house. The centerpiece is a Lego Star Wars Collector’s edition Millennium Falcon with, I shit you not, 7,541 pieces. 

Let me give you fair warning. This thing looks great if you’re a nerd and you’re into Legos and Star Wars and all that, which I am very much so, but the fact is it took about a month between two people to build and it just sat in my kitchen, taking up space the whole time. And be advised after you build this thing, you’re gonna need a large place to store and display it. Otherwise you’re just going to have to take it apart right away. That’s just how big it is. It also costs about 850 bucks. Not complaining here, I love it. 

Lego Theme 

The thing is just intense. Keeping up with the Lego theme here, we got a Lego Voltron which actually transforms in and out of the five lion configurations. Now this Lego build was an absolute pleasure, really well put together and super satisfying. If you’re an eighties kid, I couldn’t recommend this Lego build more. Here are my ego trees, just getting their little displays of all the conference badges I’ve spoken at, which for an introvert who has a hell of a hard time with public speaking, I’m pretty proud of these bad boys. 

Candles, Plants, Photos

The other shelves are occupied by some books, candles, plants, photos, and various tchotchkes as one typically uses for decoration and whatnot. Down below, there’s a bunch of storage space, including a spot for a Canon wireless printer and scanner combo. 

Pretty good if I do say so myself. Also down here is a network rack that houses a QNAP storage server and a Ubiquiti network station. This is the main hub for multiple wireless repeaters that are repositioned through the house, making it possible for every location to be on the same network, same sound system, and same smart home connection 

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