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Did you know Double Stuffed Oreo first appeared in the United States back in 1974? It has been around for more than 48 years and is a beloved and loved cookie. Oreo claimed that their cookies contained twice as much cream (2X) than regular Oreo cookies. However, this claim didn’t prove to be true. Two experiments proved that Oreo Double cookies Stuffed contained only 1.86X-1.91X more cream than regular cookies.

The Double Stuffed Oreo is

Double Stuffed Oreo is a snack that can easily be carried to school or work. Double Stuffed Oreo can be enjoyed with milk because it contains twice the cream, which adds sweetness. Also, the cookies have a chocolate flavor. Double Stuffed Oreo are therefore more enjoyable to eat.

Double Stuffed Oreos are a GENUINE item in the US and worldwide. Double Stuffed Oreos can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etc. Double Stuffed Oreos have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and with more than 4,20 27,596 subscribers.

Double Stuffed Oreo has received hundreds of positive YouTube or website reviews. Double Stuffed Oreo received 31 reviews from Facebook. They were rated at 4/5 stars. Double Stuffed Oreo Reviews on Shopping Sites are Positive and Exceed 4.5/5 Stars.

Mondelez Internationa controls the Oreo business. Mondelez Internationa introduced Oreo 6 March 2012. This was after a series acquisitions and mergers. Oreo is a well-known brand in the market.

Double Stuffed Oreos come in different sizes, suitable for individual consumption, and in a large 1 pound size.

Double Stuffed Oreo Package contains:

Artificial flavor, baking powder, calcium phosphate and chocolate.

A teacher wanted double stuffed Oreo to be 2X more cream than regular Oreo cookies. The teacher discovered that Double Stuffed Oreo contains approximately 1.86X as much cream than Oreo cream cookies. There is a 0.14X shortfall in cream.

A YouTube user also conducted another experiment. He measured the weight of just the cookies, and then weighed each Oreo Double Chocolate Cookies Stuffed in cream. The Double Stuffed Oreo was 1.91X thicker than the original cookies.


Oreo has been legal in the USA since at least 48 years. Oreo Thin and Original Oreo are the other three variants available on the market. Oreos have been around since more than 110 year. People who have given Oreos high ratings are fondly influenced by the Oreos taste.

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