Want to know the latest information about Travis Barker’s condition? We have the most recent updates on Barker’s health and will be digging out the reason he was admitted to the hospital.

Travis Barker is an internationally known Blink-182 drummer. He is a hugely popular and well-loved figure in the United States. Let’s now find out if Barker has pancreatitis from Colonoscopy, and get more information about his health.

How did Travis Barker get admitted into the hospital?

Barker was admitted to the hospital, according to a recent report. However, no report or statement was previously made public that could explain Barker’s admission to the hospital. Now, however, an official report has been released indicating that the famous singer suffers from pancreatitis. A person with pancreatitis is one who has an inflamed stomach. According to a gastroenterologist, the condition was discovered after the Colonoscopy test.

Pancreatitis from Colonoscopy:

Medical science says that the pancreas (or gland) is an important part of the body. It is located at the left-side of the abdomen and secretes digestive enzymes to reduce large food particles into smaller ones. This gland is also responsible for controlling blood sugar.

The main topic is Barker’s current health status after he had a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a test that can detect colon cancer in patients. However, Barker’s doctor discovered pancreatitis through the colonoscopy.

According to Dr. Eric Goldstein (New York), this type of case (colonoscopy induced pancreatitis), is extremely rare.

Pancreatitis from Colonoscopy The main reason for pancreatitis is

Goldstein says that 80 percent of pancreatitis is caused by alcohol abuse and gallstones. Goldstein also stated that other causes could include inflammation of the pancreas, which can be caused by medications or viruses. However, he did not mention the colonoscopy. This case is one of the most rare cases of colonoscopy-induced Pancreatitis. He continued by saying that pancreatitis is a common condition and that a colonoscopy is not an uncommon procedure. But, someone with Pancreatitis from Colonoscopy would be quite unusual.

His fans and followers across the country showed support for him after the news broke that the famous drummer and singer had been admitted to the hospital. His fame doesn’t stop at America. Millions of fans around the world, including fans from Canada, are also tweeting and posting on social media. This includes prayers, love and support.

The bottom line:

If it’s treated promptly, pancreatitis won’t be a serious health problem. The Pancreatitis from Colonoscopy however, is a rare condition according to medical professionals. Do you find this blog helpful? Please comment in the review section.


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