You want to know the truthful and up-to-date Perfct Review information. You should read this article.

Did you spend time looking up’s informative strings? Are you curious about whether or not this portal is authentic? The following sections will give you an objective and honest assessment of this website.

While fraudsters may use various tactics to extort money from people, many United States buyers are reporting issues with scammers using websites. Additionally, they are suspicious of any website that allows them to purchase items. This article will provide information about Perffct reviews.

This Online Site

We noticed this website advertised all the latest products for online buyers while we were researching. Additionally, they claim to provide exceptional customer support with the best prices. This portal also claims that they target all ages and are able to help women who desire to look great and keep up with fashion trends.

In addition, they claim to have received many prestigious awards and titles in return for providing excellent customer service and products. We recommend that you examine these details and continue to investigate Is It Legit.

Providing Important Specifications of

  • The examination noticed that the official URL of this portal is
  • Their exchange policy only applies for 12 hours.
  • We checked to verify that it was the correct mailing address.
  • The portal claimed that the refund would be made within 5-10 days.
  • No clues were found in our survey about the office address.
  • This site displays the presence of the newsletter option.
  • Shoppers can pay by credit or debit card, ApplePay, VISA or VISA.
  • According to the website the buyer must raise any return requests within twelve hours of receiving the delivery.
  • During the Perfct Review inspection, there was no phone number.
  • According to the website, delivery is expected to take between 3 and 7 days.
  • sells clothing items and accessories both for men and women.
  • We didn’t reveal any social icons.
  • The registration date of the portal is 09/10/2020. It means that it is 1 year 9 months and 5 days old.
  • Standard shipping times will take between 5-7 working days.

Advantages Identified

  • The newsletter option is available.
  • has an email address.
  • YouTube generated one comment about this site.
  • For products, attractive concessions are offered

Flaws –

  • The Perffct reviews survey didn’t retrieve any details about address or phone number.
  • Our observation noticed no social icons.
  • Trustpilot doesn’t collect any feedback from the buyers.

Is Perffct Deceit?

  • Trust Rating– An investigation found a 50.4/100 result.
  • Review Collected– After reviewing, we found no Trustpilot reviews. Our inspection found one YouTube comment. We found two Facebook pages linked to this portal that had no reviews.
  • Website age We discovered that this website was created one year, nine months and five days ago. The registration date for it is 09-10-2020.
  • Trust Score During the search for Trust Rank, the survey found an appetizing 27% value. It raised an inquiry Is it Legit.
  • Portal End Date Our survey found that was shut down on 09/10/2022.
  • Alexa Rank – We detect the absence of an Alexa Rank number during examination.
  • Bulk Buying Option – This shopping portal shows the availability of this option.
  • Rebates Legality– We examined the offers to see if they could be a trap to deceive online customers.
  • Social Links– No links were found by the scrutiny.
  • Founder’s Info Bill & Carla are the innovators behind this website.

What Are Fair Customers? Perffct Review ?

Trustpilot has not responded to our inquiries, so we are unsure about its legitimacy. We did notice a comment on YouTube asking for help to return the money.

Additionally, two Facebook pages were seized during the inspection. We found no comments on these pages, which raised suspicion. These factors combined make this website not reliable. Take note of important strings related to Credit Card Fraud.

The Final Verdict

This write-up covered all details about this site. After looking through the Perfct Review, it was suspicious and questionable. We recommend that you spend more time researching this site to help save your money. Learn how to avoid PayPal scamsFind out more about hoodies at.


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