Fights have been heightening across Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu as individuals from varying backgrounds including government officials have been reinforcing the voices to request equity for a 17-year-old young lady understudy in the Coimbatore locale, who had ended it all on Thursday by claiming that she was physically pestered by a male educator.

The episode had started shock and a few associations, activists, and the friends of the young lady have held shows in different pieces of Coimbatore for the beyond two days. The young lady was in Class 12 and concentrating in Chinmaya Vidyalaya School in RS Puram, Coimbatore and she had confronted lewd behavior from Mithun Chakravarthy, who was showing Physics in a similar school. As the fights develop, the police had documented a body of evidence against the educator under the POCSO Act and he was caught on Friday and stopped in the sub-prison in Udumalpet.

How did the new typical torment the young lady? Here is the sad story

Magudeeswaran is a local of Ukkadam in the Coimbatore region and works in a bread shop. He has two little girls of whom the 17-year-old Pontharani was the oldest. She was concentrating in the Chinmaya Vidyalaya in RS Puram. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the understudies in the state were bound in their homes and settling up for another typical of examining on the web. In any case, this new typical had turned into a bad dream for Pontharani after her material science educator Mithun Chakravarthy had started uncovering his dreadful person.

Pontharani’s folks had gotten her a new cell phone for her web-based classes and it has been accounted for that Mithun Chakravarthy was ongoing of addressing her via telephone even after the class was finished. At a certain point, his direct toward the young lady has totally changed and started addressing her about her actual appearance. In the wake of getting stunned over his discussion, Pontharani had mourned with her kindred understudies over the direct of the educator.

As the schools in Tamil Nadu have been completely returned, the actual classes had continued and Pontharani had returned to school and it has been accounted for that Mithun Chakravarthy proceeded to annoy her at the school. She then, at that point, had moved toward the school head Meera Jackson and griped against the instructor for the last option’s horrendous direct. Nonetheless, in a style of forcing her, the chief has asked the young lady not to illuminate the make a difference to her family and requested that she endure maybe somebody had made trouble on the transport. The shortfall of quick activity had tapped Mithun Chakravarthy to proceed with his barbarity and badgering.

If all else fails, Pontharani had requested that her folks change the school without uncovering that she was getting hassled. She was then got owned up to the public authority school in the district. However she changed the school, Mithun Chakravarthy had followed her on her portable and sent unlawful visits and messages. A portion of her companions had said she was dropped by Chakravarthy once while concentrating in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Nonetheless, however she needed to dispose of Chakravarthy, he had badgering her more than once.

Police authorities before the entry of Chinmaya Vidyalaya school in Coimbatore – Nov 13, 2021

The young lady’s nearby circle had claimed that she was living under mental pressure for quite a while and she had at last taken her life on Thursday by ending it all. In her self destruction note, which was recovered by the police, she had faulted three people including Mithun Chakravarthy for her demise. She had confronting provocation for more than a half year and tending to the media, the young lady’s mom has said that the school had likewise set up for guiding during which the school the board had asked the young lady not to truly take the badgering.

A companion of the departed young lady has said that Chakravarthy had physically bothered her on different occasions and his better half, who works in a similar school and the chief knew about such badgering. Be that as it may, no move was initiated. At one time, the school the board had guaranteed the young lady that Chakravarthy would be excused from the school. In any case, he wasn’t excused. After the insight about her self destruction hit titles, it had drawn significant consideration across and past the state.

Fights and the police case:

The hashtag #JusticeforPontharani has been moving via online entertainment since Saturday while the fights have been wild since Friday. All India Democratic Association, Students’ Federation of India, Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, and Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam had held fights on Friday outside the Coimbatore Collectorate requesting activity against the instructor and the school. The nonconformists had encouraged to capture the blamed instructor under the Protection for Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act and requested harsh activity against the school.

In the midst of the fights, All Women’s Police Station in RS Puram, Coimbatore, which tests the case, has on Friday enrolled a body of evidence against the educator under IPC segment 306 – abetment of self destruction and segment 9(L) – whoever commits rape on the youngster at least a few times or over and over of the POCSO Act. Following enrolling the case, the police had captured Mithun Chakravarthy on Friday night for additional examinations. The police had taken him to the public authority medical clinic in Coimbatore for the wellbeing exam according to the convention and he was delivered under the watchful eye of an adjudicator. He was then stopped in the sub-prison in Udumalpet under legal care.

On Saturday, the individual understudies of the school had held fights in Coimbatore, looking for equity for their companion. The understudies had held fights by wearing dark shirts and had conveyed bulletins that read “We won’t be quieted. Not this time” and “Equity for Pontharani”. A few associations had likewise moved a request to the Coimbatore region Collector in which they requested to capture every one of the suspects including the higher authorities of the school who knew about such badgering, at this point neglected to make a move.

Understudies fighting to look for equity for Pontharani and to capture the school head in Coimbatore

The associations had likewise encouraged to direct a request in the school on whether some other understudy had confronted such lewd behavior and the region organization ought to carry out a mindfulness drive on sexual examinations to each school and school in Coimbatore. As the episode advances for additional test, fights raise across the state and the site of the school has been hindered, while the premises were brought under the observation of the police division.

The dissidents had wouldn’t take the body of the young lady until everybody engaged with the matter is brought before equity. As the fights develop, the Coimbatore police have on Saturday booked an argument against the school head, Meera Jackson, under the POCSO Act in accordance with Mithun Chakravarthy. In the midst of the fights, a few legislators in Tamil Nadu have pointedly responded to the episode. DMK MP Kanimozhi took to Twitter and stated, “The occurrence where the student of Coimbatore ended it all because of lewd behavior from an educator is terrifying. A move should be made on the school the executives for neglecting to make a move on such badgering regardless of the young lady being educated about it a few times.”

“The wrongdoing can be halted with perfect timing when the voices of understudies are heard”, she added. Entertainer turned-lawmaker Kamal Haasan said, “The episode where a school understudy ended it all because of lewd behavior in Coimbatore is stunning. Those answerable for her passing should be rebuffed.”


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