The message was sent by a company called Screwfix. Many people believe it to be a scam after receiving the news. We need to know the truth about the WhatsApp message sent by the company. Let’s now focus on the Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam

What are your thoughts on the scam?

The message was received by many people as a Father’s Day present. According to the company Screwfix, the purchasers would receive the DeWalt Combi on Father’s Day. The scammers claimed that the drill would be free for father’s day.

Many recipients claimed that they received a message with an attached link. The link contains many questions that the receivers can view when they open it. It also requested personal information. This is why the message’s receivers are curious about the matter.

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Giveaway

  1. The attached links requested personal information and asked to be forwarded to the person.
  2. Many people have passed the message on to their family and friends.
  3. The message spread throughout the country. Many people received the message and contacted the company to inquire about it.
  4. The SerewFix Company posted a publication to their Twitter account. It was clear that the message received by the SerewFix Company had nothing to do with the company. People became aware of the website.

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam

We checked the message link after the incident. We find the Screwfix logo logo when we open the link. We searched diligently and discovered that the link sometimes doesn’t work properly.

This link doesn’t even take you to Screwfix’s official website. We searched also the official website for Screwfix. We didn’t find any information that indicated the company was offering father’s day special offers. These facts are sufficient to show that the message is fraudulent and not related to the Screwfix scam.

Why does the news circulate?

This message was received by millions. Maximum people have sent the letter to large numbers. Many people shared the scam via social media after it was discovered to be a fraud. Even the recipients confirm the scam with the company. These are the main reasons why information is trending.

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We can offer our readers a suggestion at the end of the article about the steps to take if they get this message. Avoid visiting the Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam link and delete the message.

You can find reliable sources for all the reports and instructions.


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