In the 21st century, the consensus shows a gradual awareness and shift among the masses regarding individual and collective health and fitness. As health and fitness concerns gain more supporters, different diet programs are also gaining popularity, obviously backed by nutritionists or dieticians based on individual concerns. A proper diet plan contains different food properties such as protein, which can be acquired from consuming dairy products, chicken wings or boiled eggs. 

Eggs and chickens are the two most enriching sources of protein, and each carries its own set of benefits for the consumer. Even when these items are not included in a proper diet plan, they can individually amount to significant health benefits. Let us look at how eggs and meat can benefit you.

Health Benefits Of Eggs 

Besides being a rich source of protein, it is also a source of vitamin D, making its way into our breakfast, lunch and other professional diet programs. Eggs are also readily available, so one can easily order eggs online. The numerous health benefits attached to eggs are mentioned below. 

-Weight gain is a problem that a good number of adults and even children deal with! As a result, they seek to skip meals which has adverse effects and results in weight gain. Instead of cutting down on the meal, replacing them with healthy food, like boiled eggs, is vital.

-Eggs are considered a source of zinc, vitamin A, C, D & E, and minerals. These components make eggs healthy for eye health and may even go on to improve sight and vision.

-Eggs contain Vitamin A and are also beneficial for boosting the immunity system.

-One egg contains calories worth 77Kcal, 6.3g of protein, 5.3g fat, and 212mg cholesterol.

Risks & Disadvantages Of Egg Consumption 

Even though you can easily order eggs online in Mumbai, overconsuming can still have adverse effects. Eggs contain protein substance which is essential for the body and health. Each person can safely consume 1-2 eggs daily for a regular diet, but for advanced bodybuilding, one can eat up to 3-6 eggs after discussing it with your nutritionist. 

-Excess protein to the body can cause food poisoning as the digestive system gets pressurised by excess protein from a higher number of eggs.

-Eggs or high protein substance is strictly prohibited for people with kidney issues.

-If you are allergic to eggs, it will be wise to look for any other protein substitute.

Health Benefits Of Chicken 

Like eggs, meat or cricket has its own set of benefits to offer. The advantage of chicken is not merely on the quantity or frequency; it is based on the food preparations, cooking style, the chicken parts used in the cooking and the quality of the chicken. Chicken breast is considered the most healthy part compared to chicken wings. Chicken consumption has many benefits, and we will discuss that in a while. 

-Apart from being a rich source of protein, chicken is also rich in calcium and Vitamin D. These two components have been known to strengthen the bones and muscles of an individual; thus, it is often consumed after a rigorous workout session at the gym.

-Protein is considered a decent diet ingredient during weight loss because it kills the urge to eat more while providing the right amount of nutrients. This, in turn, ensures a lesser risk of heart diseases by keeping the triglyceride level in check.

-Chicken also contains the amino acid tryptophan. Amino acid tryptophan is known to have serotonin which can alleviate the mood and provide relaxation of the mind. Hence, it can reduce stress.

-2 to 3 pieces of chicken contain 5.7 g fat and 13.5g protein content.

Risks & Disadvantages Of Chicken Consumption 

Chicken can be considered heavenly for its health benefits. However, it is not all great to consume it excessively. As mentioned before, there are different ways of consuming meat. The risks and disadvantages of not following a proper diet can have consequences. 

-Lean meat is often considered bad for health, causing bloating, gas, and similar problems.

-Process meat and oily preparation of chicken has no health benefits. Instead, it can worsen the conditions of constipation.

-Poultry items have a distinct lineage of causing colon or bowel cancer if consumed in a large quantity daily.

Different Ways To Include Chicken & Eggs In Regular Healthy Diet Chicken and eggs are healthy items if consumed in the correct quantity and through proper preparations. The healthy way to consume them is to boil them rather than frying them. Similarly, boiled chicken is relatively healthy. Other than that, it can also be included in the diet as homemade curry, or for preparing a sandwich or having it among salad. Try Halalbox chicken for its freshness and quality.


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