Are you a fan? Season 3 aired on NetFlix in the United Kingdom, and the United States on 22 June 2022. Season 3 had 10 episodes. NetFlix telecasted all 10 episodes simultaneously.

Sloane, Allison and others were gone at the end of Season 3. Did Sloane die? Let’s see what happened to Sloan Umbrella Academy.

Did Sloane die?

Sloane’s passing was not covered in the series. She could still be alive. Sir Reginald wanted his children following his plans. He had to kill Luther in order to allow Sir Reginald’s kids to enter the Hotel Oblivion.

Sloane was forced to follow her adopted siblings to Hotel Oblivion because Luther was already dead. They defeat the guardians.

To correct the situation, Sir Reginald had a to reset the Universe. His children lost all their abilities as a result. They were then shown emerging from a door at Obsidian Memorial Park.

Surprisingly Luther appears in human form again with all the others. However, Sloane Hargreeves and Allison were both missing! Sloane was not shown dead in the series. This event KEEP THE SUSPENSE OF Sloane’s status for Season 4.


Sloane was one of 43 super-powerful kids born on the 1st of October 1989. She is also known as Number Five. She was adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. She was adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves as a child.

Her adoptive siblings are Ben, Fei and Jayme. Luther is her husband. Sloane is classified as a female human specie. Sloane has brown eyes and hazel hair.

Umbrella Academy Sloane Actress:

Season 3 features the role of Sloane played by Genesis Rodriguez. Genesis was born in Miami on 29 July 1987. She is an actor by trade and a model by choice.

When Sloane dreams about her relationship to Luther Hargreeves, Genesis’s character is romanticized. Luther saved Sloane’s life when Harlan attacked her. Harlan had killed two Sparrows.

Sloane is a romantic, dreamer and dreamer. She wants to see the world beyond the academy. Her family is important to her. She has dreams, and she wants to realize them.

Sloane and Luther finally got maried.

Sloane Hargreeves :

Sloane can fly in gravity. Sloane’s abilities allow her to manipulate gravity, allowing her to fly with others.


Sloane could still be alive, but she may have been lost in time or space. This is a safe assumption. Second, it is possible that Sir Reginald decided to bring Luther back. This would mean Sloane must have died.

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