Did you hear about the TikTok ban on activists’ group? Are you curious as to why? This is what we will reveal to you. The pro-abortion declaration went viral a few days ago. Many people opposed the six judges who came to a certain conclusion. The event shocked the United States and Canada. Below are details about Supreme Court Doxxed.

What’s the latest?

This news was made public when radical activists’ group didxxed supreme court judges in the Roe Vs Wade case. They were then banned from TikTok. The group was not happy with the decision and a backup account was set up to complain about it. It stated that their accounts had been blocked and that the group’s accounts had been mass banned. They requested that followers lobby the legal team to restore their accounts. They also shared a screenshot indicating that they had violated community guidelines.

What Does Mean ?

Many people wonder what the meaning of doxed is. This article will explain the meaning of doxed. Doxxing is publishing personal information about someone with a negative or malicious intent. This happened to the Supreme Court judges. Their information was leaked from an activist group unhappy with their decision regarding abortion of the fetus. Their ban was a result of this activity, and they now seek to reopen their accounts with the support of their followers.

Information on Supreme Court Doxxed

The footage from the protests was taken by the banned account. It showed women dressed up in characters from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale and protesting the Supreme Court’s decision. The group also called Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh hyper-religious, and deviant. The group also interrupted a Catholic church service and called it disrespectful.

They also protested outside of the judge’s homes, calling them different names, asking for justice, and bullying them for making a wrong decision. After their decision, the Supreme Court Addresses was leaked and protestors claimed that women are not natural birth-givers.

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Final Summ-Up

It is clear that the Supreme Court judges’ decision did not go down well among people, particularly women. This led to a demonstration. We hope that the matter will settle quickly without any adverse consequences for activist groups. They chose the wrong path for the right cause. Your thoughts on this decision? Are the activities of the Supreme Court getting Doxxedcorrect Please comment below.


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