The Svalbard article provides the answer to Worldle 178. Find out about Worldle’s gameplay and how it works.

Welcoming wordle players, who play on the basis of country names. Are you able to solve today’s Worldle178 puzzle? Are you having difficulty solving the puzzles? If so, then we can help you with answers and hints.

In recent years, Worldle has been very popular worldwide. It is good for your brain and helps you learn new words each day. The country wordle games helps us learn about different countries. Today’s article will help solve the puzzle. The Svalbard Wordle article is available without distraction.

Worldle 178:

Today’s worldle is worth the effort to solve the puzzle. The puzzle is complex and it can be difficult to figure out the correct answer. The following hints may help you solve today’s puzzle. Here are some hint:

  • It is a European nation.
  • The answer is composed of seven, three and eight letters respectively. The three-letter word AND is the third.
  • The country’s name starts with S or J M.
  • Longyear is the capital city of the country.

SVALBARD & JAN MAYEN are the answers to today’s Worldle 178. You can also play a survival game called Svalbard Game.

Svalbard, a tabletop survival adventure game with a rouge theme, is available. The game’s set is at the north pole. It is possible to experience time-bending, which can feel exciting. You can also play as an action player.

Worldle game

Worldle is an internet word game that has many aspects such as solving country names. You can also find general words and names of artisans. Josh Wardle is a Reddit former game engineer who developed the game. New York Times participates in the provision of the game to players. There are many Wordle puzzles. Our article is about Svalbard Wordle country

We will learn the rules of each game. Below are the rules you should follow when playing the game. These rules are:

  • The player is allowed to guess correct name in six attempts.
  • There is no limit to the number of letters that can be used in the country wordle games.
  • The green color on the box means you’re on the right path
  • The yellow color in the box is a sign that you are correct, but wrong.
  • The box’s grey color suggests that you are not right.

You can learn more by playing the game. It is an excellent way to exercise your brain.

Svalbard Wordle

You can find hints when you play the wordle with country names. The default mode gives the option to guess by using the country outline map. You can adjust both the settings to remove all of the country images or try random answers. Your guesses tell you how far you have been correct and will help you determine which country is actually present. The reverse way may show the country image upside-down, which might not be as useful as the former. Today’s worldle answer is available now.


The Svalbard Wordlearticle has the hints, answers, and solutions to today’s Worldle178 answer. Learn how you can play worldle by using country names. Click here to see today’s Worldle 178 Answer.

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