Assuming you’ve been looking for the well known Japanese manga – Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, this is the main page you’ll have to visit. Generally prevalently known as ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,’ the manga has been outlined by Taiki Kawakami.

The Japanese comics is a variation of the light original series of the very name that is composed by Fuse and showed by Mitz Vah. The Shōnen manga series was first sent off in the Monthly Shōnen Sirius magazine under the distribution of Kodansha.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime | New Releases

While the light clever series has a sum of 20 volumes with the first being delivered in 2014, the dream manga series had its unique run from March 2015 with the rundown of volumes containing up to eighteen.

The entire ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ series is effective to the point that notwithstanding the manga, there are a couple of side projects as well as the vivified TV series of the famous Japanese book. To find out about north of 80 parts of the principal manga series, make a beeline for the section list segment of the article.

Outline of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The storyline of the manga series follows a 37-year-old Satoru Mikami who gets cut to death because of a slasher just to wind up resurrected as an ooze. Indeed, you read that right – A Slime!

In the dreamland of winged serpents and enchantment, turning into a sludge appears to be somewhat disheartening and this is precisely exact thing our hero feels. Join Satoru in his excursion as his destiny allows him an opportunity to be a legend despite the fact that he is only a visually impaired and boneless sludge evil presence.
Manga Volumes

Beneath, you’ll find the rundown of the relative multitude of volumes that have been delivered till now.

Volume Number Chapters Included
Volume 1 1-6
Volume 2 7-11
Volume 3 12-17
Volume 4 18-22
Volume 5 23-27
Volume 6 28-31
Volume 7 32-35
Volume 8 36-39
Volume 9 40-43
Volume 10 44-47
Volume 11 48-52
Volume 12 53-58
Volume 13 59-63
Volume 14 64-67
Volume 15 68-70
Volume 16 71-74
Volume 17 75-79
Volume 18 80-84
Volume 19 85-88

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime | List of Chapters

Section Number Chapter Title Released Date
Section 87 God’s Right Hand –
Section 86 Octagram Demon Lords –
Section 85 In The Holy Land –
Section 84 Moderate Clown Troupe –
Section 83 Crazed Pierrot –
Section 82 The Loyalty of a Demon –
Section 81 The Wight King –
Section 80 Return of the Great Beast –
Section 79 Battle –
Section 78 Walpurgis –
Section 77 Eve of Battle –
Section 76 Demon Lords and True Dragons –
Section 75 Monster-and-Man Summit II –
Section 74 Monster-and-Man Summit I June 29, 2021
Section 73 A Conspiracy of Majin June 29, 2021
Section 72 Swirling Plots June 29, 2021
Section 71 The Unleashed June 29, 2021
Section 70 Yuurazania, Day of Destruction December 15, 2020
Section 69 Tempest Resurrection Festival December 15, 2020
Section 68 Birth of a Demon Lord December 15, 2020
Section 67 Demon of Respect and Affection November 3, 2020
Section 66 Merciless November 3, 2020
Section 65 Megiddo November 3, 2020
Section 64 The Difference in Class November 3, 2020
Section 63 Moment of Counterattack June 16, 2020
Section 62 Whether Monster or Human June 16, 2020
Section 61 The Witch’s Punishment June 16, 2020
Section 60 The Conditions for Hope June 16, 2020
Section 59 Despair and Hope June 16, 2020
Section 58 Disaster March 17, 2020
Section 57 Bringer of Misfortune March 17, 2020
Part 56 Entangled Intentions March 17, 2020
Part 55 Natural Enemy of Monsters March 17, 2020
Part 54 Prelude to Calamity March 17, 2020
Part 53 Mjurran the Witch March 17, 2020
Part 52 Salvation of the Soul October 15, 2019
Part 51 Spirit Queen October 15, 2019
Part 50 Dwelling of the Spirits October 15, 2019
Part 49 Gard Mjöllmile the Merchant October 15, 2019
Part 48 Teaching Job October 15, 2019
Part 47 Failed Heroes June 11, 2019
Part 46 Yuuki Kagurazaka June 11, 2019
Section 45 In the Kingdom of Blumund (Part Two) June 11, 2019
Section 44 In the Kingdom of Blumund (Part One) June 11, 2019
Part 43 To the Human Kingdom March 12, 2019
Section 42 King Gazel’s Invitation (Part Two) March 12, 2019
Section 41 King Gazel’s Invitation (Part One) March 12, 2019
Part 40 Trade with the Animal Kingdom March 12, 2019
Part 39 As a Nation October 16, 2018
Part 38 Tyrant of Destruction October 16, 2018
Part 37 Charybdis October 16, 2018
Part 36 Dispatch from the Overseer October 16, 2018
Part 35 Youm: From Chump to Champ August 21, 2018
Part 34 Visitors to the Land of Monsters August 21, 2018
Section 33 The Demon Lords’ Plot August 21, 2018
Section 32 Milim the Whirlwind (Part 2) August 21, 2018
Section 31 Milim the Whirlwind (Part 1) June 19, 2018
Section 30 A Place of Rest June 19, 2018
Section 29 Demon Lord Council June 19, 2018
Section 28 Attention on the Town of Monsters June 19, 2018
Section 27 A Place to Relax April 17, 2018
Section 26 The Jura Forest Alliance April 17, 2018
Section 25 That Which Devours All April 17, 2018
Section 24 The Submissive Demon Lord April 17, 2018
Section 23 Orc Disaster April 17, 2018
Section 22 Death Storm February 20, 2018
Section 21 Ripples on the Battlefield February 20, 2018
Part 20 The March to War February 20, 2018
Part 19 False Superiority February 20, 2018
Part 18 Loosening Gears February 20, 2018
Part 17 Gobta versus Gabiru December 26, 2017
Part 16 Gabiru Arrives! December 26, 2017
Part 15 An Anomaly in the Forest December 26, 2017
Part 14 The Ogres’ Story December 26, 2017
Part 13 Ogre Attack December 26, 2017
Part 12 Mighty Foes in the Forest of Jura December 26, 2017
Part 11 The Upheaval Begins October 31, 2017
Part 10 Inherited Will October 31, 2017
Part 9 Demon of Flames October 31, 2017
Part 8 A Familiar Scent October 31, 2017
Part 7 The Hero-King’s Judgement October 31, 2017
Part 6 The Fated One August 22, 2017
Part 5 The Dwarven Craftsman August 22, 2017
Part 4 Head for the Dwarf Kingdom August 22, 2017
Section 3 Master of the Direwolves August 22, 2017
Section 2 Guardian of the Goblin Village August 22, 2017
Section 1 Death and Reincarnation August 22, 2017

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime | Main Characters
Now that we’ve covered the rundown of sections, we should go to see a portion of the significant characters from the Japanese comic of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

  1. Rimuru Tempest
    Getting going the rundown with Rimuru Tempest, the resurrected type of Satoru Mikami

Appearance: Whereas Rimuru’s human structure had blue-silver hair praising his blue fur garment, as an ooze, he has the qualities of a blue-shaded sludge.

Character: Although Rimuru has a laid-back character with a good nature, he should be visible to get a little restless and innocent all through the series.

Capacities: Rimuru’s abilities and capacities incorporate Telepathy, Magic Sense, Shadow Movement, Black Flame and Thunder, Infinite Regeneration, Mind Accelerate, and that’s just the beginning.

  1. Veldora Tempest

Up next, we have one of the first four True Dragons that was liberated from the Infinite Prison by Rimuru.

Appearance: Also known as the Storm Dragon, Veldora, in his mythical serpent structure, has dark adaptable scales. In his human structure, he has a tall height alongside light hair and gold eyes.

Character: Although Veldora is demonstrated to be very fiery and prideful toward the beginning of the series, he changed into a more scientific and patient character type as the series advances.

Capacities: Apart from being portrayed as a Catastrophic-class character, Veldora is the most grounded individual from the Jura Tempest Federation. His abilities incorporate True Dragon Storm Magic alongside protections from Pain Nullification, Chaos Attack Resistance, and then some.

Different Characters







Evil spirit Lords

Fellow Crimson

Milim Nava


Glowing Valentine


Leon Cromwell

Kazaream (Former)

Remains (Former)

Frey (Former)

Clayman (Former)

Other World-pioneers

Yuuki Kagurazaka

Shizue Izawa

Alice Rondo

Ryota Sekiguchi

Chloe Aubert

Hinata Sakaguchi

Kenya Misaki

Hurricane Gibson

Author and Illustrator
That Time I Got Reincarnated As Slime is composed by an essayist realized by the name Fuse and the craftsmanship is finished by Taiki Kawakami.

While not much is been aware of Fuse, Taiki has functioned as the craftsman on manga projects remembering Alderamin for the Sky, and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Gaiden: Madoromi no Onna Mahou Tsukai.

Wrapping Up
This finishes us of our article. We trust this piece of our manga article series on the Japanese comics of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime was useful in giving you the data that you came searching for.


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