Have you ever wondered who the users unsubscribed to the Instagram account are? How can you find out who is unsubscribing to your account? Do you have an app that allows you to show your unfollowers on Instagram? If yes, which is the best application to find out who has unfollowed you?

As with most social media platforms, Instagram does not provide information about people who don’t follow your account. You can also manually verify if you are following someone via Instagram.

To do this, go to the individual’s Instagram account, click “Followings,” and type your “Username” in the search bar. If you show up, this account is following you. If, in contrast, the profile does not show you on its list of subscribers, it’s because the person who is using this account doesn’t follow you or is unsubscribed.

This method can be utilized sporadically in the case of a question about a specific account, but it’s a bit laborious to apply this method to all accounts.

You can use various third-party applications to determine which Instagram users have removed their accounts. More info


As we’ve seen, Instagram does not allow us to identify accounts that have opted out of your account. But, knowing these indicators will give you a clue about your ability to engage with your followers and, in general, manage the overall management of your Instagram account.

I recommend you explore these five apps to check how your Instagram Unsubscribes …


FollowMeter is the simplest method to manage the number of Instagram followers. The powerful analytics of the app allows you to gain in-depth insight into the performance of your Instagram account, keep track of your follower growth and efficiently manage your account.

Making use of your free Follow Meter lets you:

  • The number of new customers
  • remove the lost subscribers;
  • Analyze the number of accounts that don’t follow you back
  • Find out statistics about your publications.
  • Join the more than 3 million people who trust this platform that can help you build your social following.
  • App for iOS and Android.


The Unfollower app to Instagram is a no-cost application that allows you to unfollow followers who don’t follow you. This app allows you to check Instagram’s Instagram unfollows, enabling you to remove a follower by one or as many as ten accounts at once.

Additionally, if you remove yourself from multiple accounts at once, you can save certain that you previously marked.

The application is simple and fast to utilize!

The Unfollower app isn’t associated with or approved by Instagram. So, you must be cautious that you don’t get penalized in Instagram’s algorithms. It permits several unsubscribes every hour, between 60 to 200 unfollows.

We suggest that you do not overdo it.

App for Android


Who de-followed me on my Instagram account?

Have you ever thought about this” Why? Download this application!

Insta Follow keeps track of the Instagram accounts that are following yours. Therefore, when an account is unsubscribed, you can view it on the app directly.

Insta Follow lets you monitor your:

  • new subscribers;
  • unfollows;
  • followers you don’t follow;

people you follow that aren’t following people you follow who do not mind.

Unsubscribe and subscribe to anyone easily with just one click! (premium version). check now

App for iOS


Followers and unfollowers allow you to look at details about the profile of your Instagram profile.

The app provides insight into who is following you, who follows back, and your most recent Instagram account followers. You also get images of accounts that don’t follow you or have not removed themselves from your list.

You can remove 50 followers.

You can also create a “whitelist” of your friends (marked by an asterisk) to ensure they’re not on your friend’s list. You also can join multiple accounts. You can quickly switch from one profile to another.

Followers and Unfollowers provide you with an account summary that:

  • Don’t be a follower;
  • You are following me, but I am not following them;
  • You should follow your example and are following;
  • You have not been able to unsubscribe to your account on Instagram.
  • You can access a report for all Instagram accounts you follow.
  • You can also create an “in-app” list for all your Instagram friends.

In addition, the application provides the option of unsubscribing to 50 Instagram accounts with a single request.

App for Android.


How can I monitor and analyze my Instagram like a professional? Which are your most active followers? Who are your unengaged followers? Who didn’t like your posts?

Ins Tracker is a time-saving tool that helps you to help you answer your concerns! This professional tracker and analyzer allow you to connect its capabilities to multiple accounts.

Features :

  • Find out which accounts have not been subscribing from yours.
  • Find your most engaged followers.
  • Find out who does not interact via your messages.
  • Manage your subscribers or sign up in bulk;
  • Engage with followers who might be interested;
  • Manage your account like a pro.
  • A paid version that lets you increase the speed of scanning is available.

App for iOS.


After you have selected your program and have discovered accounts that are not subscribed to your account? It all depends on the circumstances of what you want to solve. It’s essential to find out what exactly made your customers leave. To learn more that there’s no secret to contact them.

I would suggest sending them a private note explaining the reason for your action and that it is an objective goal. The response you receive will be considered so that the errors you have made can not be repeated.

There are a lot of users who opt out and don’t provide an explanation. If a few respond yes, you’ll gain from this, particularly when your account is associated with the brand.

Understanding the sentiments of previous subscribers is a seldom utilized option for brands and influencers on Instagram. This is unfortunate because it can help solve several issues and even lead to problems in how you engage with your audience.


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