Regardless of whether you are an electric shaver amateur or have been using it for a long time, this guide can help you learn the right way of shaving your scalp with a powered head shaver. However, if you assume the face shaving and the head-shaving process to be exactly similar, you are missing something. In reality, a shaving process that works best on your face might not work smoothly on your scalp. 

This step-by-step guide to shaving your head right can be more educating for newbies. If you have recently started your head shaving journey, your scalp isn’t used to being shaved clean with a razor blade. Hence, your scalp is more likely to get razor burns, rashes, nicks, and cuts while trying to adjust to the new regimen. Given all such factors, it’s really important to understand the right steps for shaving your head completely bald. 

Now, without any ado, let’s focus on the head-shaving technique that both beginners and seasoned users of electric shavers can find useful and informational.

What’s the key to achieving a quality head shave?

No matter whether you avail head shavers from high-end brands or practice every new shaving technique uploaded on the web, the key to achieving a smooth head shave is getting the basics right and keeping the entire process simple. There are mainly three basic steps that you need to keep in mind while opting to use a head shaver for men. They are as follows:

  • Prepping up your scalp.
  • Actual shaving.
  • Following a proper aftercare routine.

Here in this blog, we’ll entirely focus on the second step, that is, the actual shaving process. So, continue reading as the following section will help you know how shaving your head with an electric shaver can be nick-free while still providing an adequately close as well as smooth shave.

How to use an electric shaver?

Well, we have divided the answer to this question into two sections. It’s because electric head shavers come in two forms – rotary shaver and foil shaver and both work in their unique way. To begin with, let’s find out the ideal way to shave your head with a rotary shaver.

Rotary Shaver

Featured with rotating circular blades and metal guards, rotary shavers are highly efficient in cutting longer hair strands. However, here are the right shaving techniques that you should follow to get a smooth head shave using a rotary head shaver. 

  • Use the Device in All Directions: While almost all shaving guides ask men to use a rotary shaver only in a circular motion, we would recommend you to use the device in circular, overlapping, clockwise, and anti-clockwise patterns. It will enable you to grab more hairs efficiently. In fact, using different strokes will improve the quality of your head shave, allowing you to make the most of your shaving experience.
  • Use the Shaver Gently: It’s important to note that rotary shavers are less forgiving than foil shavers and thus you should use little to no pressure while using the device on your scalp. Pressing the shaver harder on your scalp can leave you with utter discomfort.

Foil Shaver

Foil shavers are more likely to work wonders on short stubble. They incorporate sharp blades and a thin perforated metal screen to provide a smooth head shave. Now, here are the right ways to handle a foil shaver if you want to make the best use of it.

  • Use Short Strokes: It’s the first and most important aspect of shaving your head with a foil shaver. Always shave your hair against its growth direction, failing which can lead you to achieve a poor shave in terms of closeness. Also, please note that a foil shaver performs optimally when it’s held perpendicularly at a 90 degrees angle to the scalp surface.
  • Flip your Shaver if Required: Most of these devices come with shaving heads tilted towards the front of the shaver. If yours is also the same, use it to your advantage. Flip your razor, that is, hold it with the back facing upwards, and then shave in those areas of your scalp that are hard to reach normally. 
  • Press a Bit Harder if Required: You can press the device a bit harder on your scalp to get a close and smooth head shave. However, that entirely depends on the sensitivity of the scalp surface. Pressing too hard on a sensitive scalp can cause nicks and cuts. So, be careful while using strokes on your scalp.

Bottom Line

Hope this step-by-step guide to head shaving has been of great help to you in your yet-to-start or ongoing shaving journey. Remember, shaving is a personalized practice so always follow a routine that works best for your scalp. No doubt, the tips, and recommendations mentioned above will help you achieve a clean, smooth, and sleek head shave but getting that close shave will certainly take some time, trial, and error. So, always start with small changes in your shaving routine and then take bigger leaps to get the desired results. Ensure to use a good quality electric head shaver for men, take enough time, and keep patience during the shaving session.


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