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After a long day, there’s nothing worse than arriving at the parking lot only to discover you have no memory of where you left your car.

Locating your car may be a major issue after a long, stressful day, especially if it is parked among several other vehicles. Thankfully, several applications can guide you painlessly to your ride. The top mobile applications for finding your car are listed below.

  1. Parked Vehicle Locator

Parked Vehicle Locator is the only no-nonsense choice you need if you want something that works. There’s a solid reason why this app gets such positive Google Play reviews.

The Parked Vehicle Finder doesn’t strive to accomplish too much or be all things to all people. It is excellent in assisting you in quickly finding your parked automobile. The design is quite simple to use, and it’s straightforward to see how to pin the position of your parked car. In terms of usability for its intended application, the programme succeeds.

  1. Parkify

Although it does business in a somewhat different way than Parked Vehicle Locator, Parkify is similarly very simple to use. Parkify functions even if you don’t manually log the position of your automobile. Also, the software incorporates Google Maps, which is useful. In comparison to Parked Vehicle Locator, Parkify adds a layer of complication by allowing you to connect the app to your car’s Bluetooth device and utilise that way to locate your parked car.

The good news is that you can still connect to Parkify and set up your car’s position even if your vehicle lacks a Bluetooth connection. 

  1. Google Maps

Even though you’ve probably heard a lot about it, Google Maps has a tonne of fantastic, less well-known capabilities. The parking spot saver for your automobile is one of those functions. Everything goes without a hitch once you’ve saved your car and are following Google Maps’ instructions.

The fact that storing the position of your automobile isn’t that simple using Google Maps is a minor drawback. It might be difficult to even figure out how to store the position of your car.

Just click the blue dot that indicates your location in Google Maps to save your parking place. Once you’ve done that, a menu with the choice to save this spot as your car’s parking space will appear. In all honesty, the execution of this might have been improved.

  1. Find Your Car with AR

An entertaining and surprisingly simple-to-use iPhone app called Locate Your Vehicle with AR. Locate Your Vehicle with AR aims to improve the car-finding experience by including some AR awesomeness. Although AR is primarily a gimmick, using the app is a pleasant and simple experience.

After installing, Locate Your Vehicle with AR’s user-friendly interface will allow you to quickly save the position of your car and locate it. The I PARKED HERE icon on the app’s home screen almost yells at you to store the location of your car when you first launch it.

This is fantastic, especially considering how many other apps of a similar nature fail to make it clear how to record the position of your car, which is absurd given the applications’ intended use.

  1. Apple Maps

It comes as no surprise that Apple has added the option to save a vehicle’s parking position to Apple Maps, a fantastic navigation tool with a tonne of unique features. Apple has very subtly made this functionality available—if you look for it—much like Google’s strategy. It’s sort of a pity Apple opted to bury this function because Apple Maps gives amazing, easy-to-follow directions to navigate back to your parked car.

The option to store a photo and the position of your parked automobile in Apple Maps is a truly great function. 

In busy parking lots, the aforementioned can be extremely helpful. Naturally, it’s simple to navigate the app and return to your car after you’ve stored the position of your automobile.

Many of the flaws and drawbacks you’d anticipate from independent applications are just absent from Apple’s in-house navigation tool since the company has poured the full weight of its resources behind it.

Bottom Line:

If you download any of the applications on this list, you won’t ever again forget where you parked your car. Every one of these applications is a good option for getting you back to your car securely, but some of them have a few extra features here and there.

Choosing one isn’t crucial because they all function well, but downloading at least one of them is a need for your digital toolkit.


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