You are Quordle players, trying to solve today’s puzzle. Do you find it difficult to solve Quordle 149 today? We can help you solve the Quordle 149. To find the answers, read the entire article.

Quordle, a clone game of Wordle, has gained popularity recently for its difficulty level. It has a large fan base in the United Kingdom and India,Australia. Let’s crack the words using the Thrum Wordle HTML3_ article.

Quordle: 149 answers

Although the answers to today’s puzzle can be found using common words, it is difficult to find the correct one. In nine attempts, the player must crack four words.

The answers to Quordle 149 CONCH. CHASE. CROWD. THRUM.

  • The first word is “CONCH”, a large spiral shell.
  • “CHASE” is the second meaning of the word. It means to run behind someone to catch, or be caught.
  • The meaning of the third word “CROWD”, a large, unorganized group of people.
  • The fourth word in the meaning is “THRUM”, a humming sound that does not have an interval. It is used for crosswords such as Thrum Game

Let us give you an overview of the Quordle game.

Quordle game

The game is one of several clones that make up the Wordle online game. Wordle game is home to many clones, including Dordle, Heardle and Dordle. The Quordle game was designed by Dordle by the developer.

Dordle is a game that only requires one keyboard and consists of two five-letter words. The game was created by Freddie Meyer. The creator of the game is Freddie Meyer.

How do you play Quordle?

There are rules to every game. Learn the rules of Quordle to make it easy to play.

  • In just nine attempts, the player must correctly guess five letters or four words.
  • Only one keyboard is required to solve the puzzle.
  • The color of the tile can be changed by making the right guess.
  • You are correct, but you were wrong. The tile’s color changes to yellow.
  • An incorrect guess can change the tile’s color to grey.
  • Every midnight, the game will release the puzzle.

Quordle 149’s spinoff Thrum Wordle.

There are several other games that can be played online, just like Quordle. Let’s take a look at the latest game published by New York Times.

  • Spelling Bee Players must find the five-letter word in the puzzle to win the game. The puzzle is arranged in a hexagonal format and players have six chances to solve it. The Spelling Bee requires that the player guess only one correct word.


We have provided the answers to today’s Quordle question 149 in this article. We also provide details on Quordle and its gameplay.


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