Everything in this world needs pampering and proper care to grow and build a firm. Skin and beard care isn’t an exception here. 

And when we are talking about skincare, women, and men have started to take care of them these days. It’s excellent to see the world changing with time. In the past, men who used to take even a little care of themselves were considered less masculine, and now, the world has changed, and people have become wiser and more intelligent. Evil thoughts and social norms are becoming invisible, and good vibes have started. And that’s why everyone in this world wants to become better with each passing day. 

To make ourselves better, self-care is included in the list. When it’s a men’s regime, skin, hair, and beards are included. And that’s why so many companies have started building their brands as men’s care brands. But still, some men think taking care of their skin, hair, and beard is a waste of time, and they will have good skin and good beards without doing anything. 50% of this theory can work if you have well-balanced hormones and better genetics to grow a beard and maintain the skin. But what about the other 50%? Lack of care can make you 50% to 0%. And that’s why to complete 100%; you need daily care to stay fit, young, and beautiful.

Beard oil is a product that is so popular and a common name for men’s grooming, and most of us have heard it here and there about it. But it is essential to know how to use them correctly to get a better result and what other things should be used with beard oil.

But before that, let’s have a look at the

common problems of beards and skin for lack of care:

Dry skin: dry skin is a type of skin condition. Some people have dry skin by birth, and some have discovered this issue with a lack of skincare. People who don’t put proper hydration and moisturization to their skin grow dry skin. And the change in humidity also affects the skin. There is a myth that we don’t need hydration in summer, as we sweat a lot, produce oil, and using an extra moisturizer will worsen the situation. But this is a misconception.

Flaky skin and beard dandruff: men with dry skin are more likely to get flaky skin and beard dandruff. When our skin doesn’t get proper hydration, it starts to peel off, and men who have beards face beard dandruff, usually dead skin cells.

Itchy beard: itchy beard is a common problem among men who don’t care for their skin and beard. It’s because of the dry skin and beard dandruff. Many men have dreamt of long beards but don’t have a beard care regime. And by getting irritated with itchy beards, they chop off their beard.

Acne and rashes: everyday pollution, dirt, sweat, and oil clog the skin’s pores. And when they stay on the skin overnight, painful pimples and acne appear on skin. Also, hormone problems and bad eating habits cause this problem too. 

Even after shaving, rashes happen. Because of the hard and rough beard hair. We can’t avoid beard shaving, but stop this problem with beard oil and other products. 

Ingrown beard hair is one of the irritating things that happen on men’s skin. Dead skin cells and clogged pores on the face lead the beard hairs to grow under the skin rather than on the face’s surface. Men who don’t wash their faces and use double-blade razors are more likely to worsen the situation. 


These problems got solutions at Mancode, a well-known men’s grooming brand. Men mostly need ayurvedic natural products for their beards and skin. And Mancode produces certified natural products, incredibly effective on men’s tough skin. They have got all kinds of products men need to groom themselves. Such as skin, hair, beard, body, and fitness. Mancode leads in the best and most popular brands list. Let’s see how you can solve your skin and beard problems with Mancode.

Mancode face and beard wash: to start your beard care regime, it is crucial to have clean and oil-free skin. Mancode has an all-in-one beard wash that is well suited to both the skin and beard. Wash the face maximum of twice a day to get a better result. Use first in the morning before going outside and secondly, at night, before going to bed. 

Washing the face will remove dirt and excess oil from the face, which is the main reason for acne, rashes, and blackheads. Results in clear and fresh skin.

Mancode beard oil: after washing the face, you need hydration and moisturization to avoid dry, flaky skin and an itchy beard. Mancode has varieties of beard oil filled with natural oil to make your beard hair soft and shiny and improve beard growth. Mancode’s beard oil will make a soft and healthy beard and moisturize and protect the skin from becoming dry and rough. Use beard oil two times a day after washing the face with beard wash. 

Mancode face scrub: mancode’s natural face scrubs will remove dead skin cells from the skin and the beard, which are the reasons behind flaky skin, blackheads, and ingrown beards. Don’t be harsh on your beard and skin while scrubbing. People with dry skin can use scrubs thrice a week, while people with other skin types should use scrubs twice a week. 

Grooming: Finally, to keep everything in a row, don’t forget to groom your beard. Beard grooming includes combing, shaving, trimming, and beard balms. Comb the beards every day after moisturizing the beard oil. It will increase the blood flow of the skin and help the product spread all over the skin and beard.

And trim beards four days a week. Remember to trim your beard when you’ve got a proper length to maintain.

And finally, when you need to go out but your beard looks dull and frizzy, use Mancode’s beard balm for dry rough beard or beard cream for a non sticky look whichever works fine with you, to moisturize your beard and make it look classic and groomed at the same time. You may also use a specialized all in one body, face and hair cleanser available at Mancode.

So, hope you’ve understood the importance of men’s skin and beard care and how it can be worse due to improper care.

So start from today and don’t forget to check Mancode’s official website to know more about their brands. 


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