The Tracing Notification Fraud scam is what you’ll find in this article. This article will reveal how scammers use this message for their purposes.

Are you familiar with the notification sent by the NHS that you are being affected? Did you ever open the link that was mentioned in the SMS notification?

You are being sent an NHS message by email asking for vaccinations. The scam is spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom and people are terrified. This is why we need to know more about the Tracing NOTIFICATION SCAM.

Scam Notification.

Unidentified numbers are sending text messages to people informing them that they have come into contact with an individual infected with the Omicron virus. The Covid 19 protocol requires that you purchase a test kit in order to determine whether or not you are contaminated.

You will also see a link to an unofficial NHS company. The link requires you to purchase a kit for a specific price. It includes your bank details. These scammers will use your personal information to steal your funds.

Tracing Notification Scam or Real.

According to the NHS/police authority, such guidelines are not available. According to the authority, this fake news is spreading the news about Covid positive people being tracked by NHS. All people who come in direct contact with the contaminated person will be placed under quarantine until further clarification.

This message can deceive anyone.

How Scammers Conceive People by Tracing Notice Scam 

In 2020, covid 19 will see people willing to spend as much as they can to sustain their lives. Covid 19 is one of the most dangerous traumatic and catastrophe viruses. Coronavirus is now a concern in every country. It is easy to con people using this virus notification.

This virus is still a problem, even though there have been many cases. Scammers are able to use it to scan the people for any kit they want to purchase and obtain personal information, such as PAN card details, Bank details, and other information. Tracing Information Scam can be a scam. Please be aware. All medications and coronavirus treatments are free according to the Government.


The scammer spreading Covid 19 lies is new. The message suggests that you purchase a covid-19 test kits. This message will ask for your bank details and personal information to scam you.

Did you receive this message on your phone? Share your awareness in the comment section. You can find out more about the Tracing Scam from the NHS by visiting this link


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