Nowadays, laser cutting and engraving technology enable us to do a lot of things. There has been a significant evolution of laser markers in recent years. From manufacturing aircraft to jewelry design, Laser Coding System has found several areas of application over the years. Here are some of the notable advantages of laser marking.

Mark on multiple surfaces with zero contact: Information pieces are engraved on a number of pieces such as acrylic, wood, metal, leather, plastics, and ceramics with the help of a laser. It is the unique feature of the Laser Coding System used in laser markers that users can make use of a common machine to get the required markings for a variety of packages and products. 

Focused Light is used for Laser Printing. There is absolutely no contact of the marking surface with the laser-creating tool. Moreover, there is no need to spend a lot on manpower, parts, or printing dies required in other forms of printing. 

Low-Cost Marking Solution: Most of the marking solutions require a die or some other special treatment. On the other hand, a laser marker significantly cut down costs. The Laser Coding System allows for easy integration into the production line. Thus, you can achieve consistent and flawless printing with laser technology irrespective of the industrial space. When a laser machine is used, there is no need to bear the cost of replacement of the die, repairing wear and tear of the die, or repeated creation of the new die. Therefore, you can maintain laser machines at lower costs. 

Stay away from Counterfeiting: Laser marking cannot be hampered easily. Therefore, illegal activities like the replacement of genuine products with fake ones can be totally prevented. 

Faster Output: Laser Machines are high-speed and high-precision devices with faster printing technology. Rush orders can be easily accomplished by taking advantage of this function. This system increases the speed of the laser machine which can be as high as 5 to 7 m/s. It is not very difficult to operate the computer that is connected to your laser machine. The Laser Coding System printing program on the computer is well designed to give control over the accuracy and precision to the user. 

Permanent Markings: Laser printing is the best option when it comes to the printing of products that have a longer shelf life. Unlike the paper stickers, the markings are permanent and won’t peel off or fade off. Most of the marking systems get off during transport, rough handling of goods, and other environmental conditions. This is the main reason why most of the clients have switched to laser marking systems. 

Readability: It is the precision of the Laser Coding System that allows for a cleaner marking that is easily readable. With this laser technology, even the small markings are very clear. Elegant patterns, product information, numbers, and 2D images, can be easily engraved in minimum size on a suitable surface with maximum clarity. 

Why a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine makes the best mark

A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is designed to produce legible, deep, and high-quality engravings and markings on a variety of metal parts, small or big. Whether you need to engrave large-scale graphics or mark small serial numbers, the handheld engraving machines are built with the large sharp precision and stability you require. On account of the hard alloy tungsten marking pins with which this machine is equipped, the marking made by it will be of superior quality and will last for the years to come. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine. 

Easy Handling: As the name suggests, handheld engraving machines are designed to be handheld. So, a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is designed keeping in mind not only quality but also comfort. Maneuverable and lightweight, they are easy to operate. Moreover, owing to their compact size, these machines can be used to mark on all those hard-to-reach places making them quite efficient and effective tools for a wide variety of industries that include medical, aerospace, metal processing etc. 

No matter what mark you need to make or where you need to make them, an easy-to-hold, easy-to-operate Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is the best tool for the job. Superior Precision:  A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is designed to make the most accurate and deepest of marks. So, they are able to mark and engrave all types of content on all types of surfaces. They are perfect for making markings and engravings on many different kinds of metals like copper, steel, aluminum, etc. They find wide applications for marking Small Vehicle Identification Numbers and codes, bar codes, lot numbers, serial numbers, dots and lines, all English characters and letters, date and time- at any scale or size.


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