Introducing the secret to flawless, long-lasting nail art – UNO Base Coat. As professional nail technicians, you understand the significance of a strong foundation in achieving stunning, durable nail designs. UNO Base Coat is your ultimate ally in nail service excellence.

Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, this product paves the way for your artistry to shine. Whether your expertise lies in crafting classic French tips, intricate nail art, or staying on top of the latest gel polish trends, UNO Base Coat is your versatile companion, compatible with a wide range of nail systems. 

UNO Base Coat’s Versatility

UNO Base Coat is a revolutionary innovation in the world of nail care. Crafted with an unparalleled formula, it acts as a guardian for your clients’ manicures, ensuring that their nail art lasts longer and remains flawlessly chip-free. Not only does this remarkable base coat enhance adhesion, but it also skillfully conceals nail imperfections, providing a flawless canvas for your creative expression.

Say farewell to uneven surfaces and welcome a truly professional, salon-quality finish. Prepare to astonish your clients with the enduring brilliance of their nail designs. And that’s not all – the UNO brand offers a selection of unique products, including the exceptional UNO Lux Rubber Base, to further elevate your nail game.

Endless Possibilities Here

Dive into a world of high-quality nail products and resources designed to help you achieve perfection in every manicure. With us, you’ll find a wide range of nail products, from base coats to topcoats, gels, and nail art tools. Explore our latest collections. Your clients deserve the best, and UNO Base Coat is just one step toward exceeding their expectations.

Master the art of nail service, and let your clients experience the magic of long-lasting, impeccable nail designs. Prepare to take your nail artistry to new heights! Unveil the boundless creative horizons that await you with UNO Base Coat by exploring our exclusive offerings at Your journey to nail perfection begins here.


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