Thinking about what the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) close to your companion’s name on Snapchat implies? A little lost in all the Snapchat emoticon shorthand? We take care of you! In this article, we’ll walk you through everything this emoticon is attempting to say to you, why it has sprung up in any case, and how you can move it to disappear assuming you’d like.

What does the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) mean on Snapchat?
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The ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) implies your snapstreak is going to end.
On the off chance that you and a companion snap each other for 3 days straight, both of you are on a snapstreak! A 🔥 (fire emoticon) will show up close to their name on your contact list, close by a number to demonstrate how long your streak has been going (it begins at 3). The ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) is telling you that your streak is going to end except if you act soon.[1]
Whether this matters at everything is completely dependent upon you. A great deal of old buddies feel more like each other by keeping a streak, yet it’s OK on the off chance that you let a streak end.[2]

For what reason does the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) appear on Snapchat?
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The ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) is there to remind you to keep your snapstreak going.
The hourglass shows up if haven’t sent a snap to somebody as of late. Snapstreaks run on a 24-hour cycle, implying that you have 1 day to keep the streak alive. The clock resets each time you send a snap, so the ⌛️ springs up to tell you that you’re barely making it and that the streak could run out.
How long do I have once the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) shows up in Snapchat?
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You have 4 hours to push the streak along once the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) shows up.
Snapchat has never formally expressed how long you have until the streak vanishes, so it’s ideal to send a snap in the near future on the off chance that you believe the streak should keep close by. In any case, individuals appear to have restricted it down and sorted out that the hourglass implies you have 4 hours left, with the clock beginning right when the ⌛️ appears.[3]
Remember, in light of the fact that you’re seeing the ⌛️ presently doesn’t imply that it didn’t appear a little while hours prior when you weren’t taking a gander at the application. Try not to stand by if you see this emoticon and you need to save your streak!
How would I dispose of the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) on Snapchat?
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Send a snap to make all the difference for the streak and make the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) vanish.
In a real sense any snap will revive the streak. You could shoot a fast selfie, or send a photograph of whatever you really depend on right now. You might in fact take a preview of a clear screen and send that![4]
Remember, messaging somebody on Snapchat doesn’t revive your streak. It must be a no brainer.
If you have any desire to try not to barely make it later on you can send a GMS or GNS (great morning snap or great night snap), which alludes to an irregular snap you send either before you hit the hay or after you awaken, just to move the streak along.
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Trust that a couple of hours will allow the streak to end and the ⌛️ (hourglass emoticon) will disappear.
On the off chance that you couldn’t care less about the snapstreak, do nothing by any stretch of the imagination. The ⌛️ will vanish once you neglect to send a snap over the course of the following 4 hours or something like that. Just sit back and relax. You’re not in a difficult situation or anything — it simply implies you haven’t snapped somebody for 24 hours. Not the apocalypse!


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