Are you looking to buy milk-powder We suggest that you go to our Wrazice Reviews article, which will provide correct information.

Have you ever considered buying milk-based powder on an online shop? These products are a daily necessity of our lives and they are absolutely necessary. However, the question is whether you bought this product online.

It sells milk-based powder. It is also popular in the United States. We will now provide information about websites through Wrazice Reviews.

About Wrazice Website

Wrazice, a new website. It was established to sell milk powders. There are many varieties, most of which are meant for children. They come in different sizes so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

They are also quite expensive and have not offered any discounts. Although they stated that they had a bag collection in their about us section we were not able to see any bags. It is also false that the address of the website company is listed. Next, we’ll discuss the specifications for the website.

Specifications of the Website

  • Portal Registration date- To determine If Wrazice Legit you must know that the website registration occurred on 2022/03/26. That’s 4 months ago.
  • Products offered- They offer powders made from milk.
  • Forms Of Payment- The website allows you to pay with Amex, Apple Pay or Diners Club.
  • Shipping policy – Processing time is approximately 1-2 business day, and transit time is about 3-4 business days.
  • Company Address –United States., 7611 West Thomas Road Phoenix Arizona 85033.
  • Contact number:contact via +91 929 392 1031
  • Email
  • Return policy- Website has a 30-day guarantee of return.
  • Policy Refund – Within 7 Days, your original payment method will receive a refund.
  • Domain Link-
  • Exchange policy-Know via Wrazice Reviews that an exchange is possible.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and con of this website.

Pros Of Wrazice Website

  • You can pay using a variety of methods on the website.
  • The website is secured by the SSL integration and HTTPS protocol.
  • All contact details are readily available.
  • The Portal name and URL are the same.

Cons for Wrazice Website

  • Discounts are not available, which isn’t appealing to customers.
  • Absence of a newsletter can be detrimental to customers.
  • Lacks social media presence
  • The website’s contact information is not clear, which is a problem.
  • We do not have the owner’s details.
  • Comments from customers are not allowed.

Is Wrazice Legit? Or Scam

We will now draw the parameters necessary to determine the legitimacy and credibility of the site. This section is important.

  • Domain Creation date –Website created only a few weeks ago, on 2022/o03/26. That is not a good sign.
  • Website End Date-Website is set to expire on 2023/03/26.
  • Trust score-Website managed to score just 2%. This is a very low score.
  • Trust ranking-Website is at rank 47.6%, which means it’s below-average.
  • The website does NOT provide information regarding the owner of the site –Owner details.
  • Policies- See Wrazice Review for all available policies.
  • Quality Content-Their about Us content has been 100% copied/pasted from other places.
  • Address Authentication – They have provided the wrong address.
  • Social media Presence-Website has no social media accounts.
  • Customer reviews- This site has not received one customer review.

Customer feedback

According to the online sources, there has been no feedback from anyone on this site. No reviews have been found anywhere. This website also doesn’t have any reviews or evaluations based on articles. This indicates that the website isn’t well-known and trusted. Without customer reviews, it is difficult to determine the website’s legitimacy. For PayPal refunded, visit Wrazice.

The Final Determination

Our research has shown that this website is selling milk products . This website does not have an owner and no social media accounts.

Additionally, they have provided a fake email address and don’t have customer reviews. The website appears to be suspicious. We recommend you continue to monitor this site for updates. Credit Card . To get your return, click here.

Have you got any thoughts on this site? Wrazice reviews will help you leave a comment.


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